Monday, August 26, 2013

Life in the Fast Lane

Welcome to Simply Pure & Beautiful! You have entered my sanctuary, my happy place. I created this blog to keep track of workouts, recipes, and life in general. My schedule gets pretty crazy sometimes and me coming here to blog about what I enjoy helps relieve some stress off my back. You will normally catch me with a smile on my face though. I am normally a super happy person and love to give off a positive vibe around me. 

I'm back at it with school & already the pace is going so fast. It seems like the weeks just fly by. I am super excited to start my new major and find success in what I will be doing. Nursing was what I really wanted to do but really thinking about my decision I am truly happy with my new career path. I know working towards being a Physcial therapist will be rewarding and challenging, but I'm so ready to start my journey to get there! 

I'm also really excited to begin planning my fiancĂ© and I's wedding. We are truly head over heels for each other and I am blessed to have him in my life. Everyday I thank God for what we have become and how happy we are. It hasn't always been easy, but we are willing to make it work. 
We've began discussing living situations and how we are going to afford everything. It really has made me realize that "WOW I'm not a little girl anymore." It's actually really scary to think about! I just pray that we will figure everything out and be happy with the decisions we tend to make. It would be super exciting though to live close to my best friend. 

My best friend lives with her boyfriend at the apartments we're thinking about moving to. It would be super fun to be neighbors with her! She loves the place and says they are reasonable pricing, but we will just have to see how everything plays out. 

I am ready to make that next step in my life and I'm excited it's with Clay because he is my Prince Charming. He has been nothing but sweet, caring, loving, and unserstanding with me and knows how to make me laugh no matter what the situation it is. I couldn't imagine my life without him and can't wait to spend forever together :). 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Post-workout Smoothies!!

I made the most delicious smoothie today after a great workout at the gym! It was seriously, so good that I need to share it with you all to see what you think & maybe give me some suggestions to tweaking it to make it better! I'm even open to your recipes & sharing them here on the blog! I love smoothies & love learning how to make new ones, so leave a comment below of your favorite smoothie recipes! 

1 1/2 banana 
Handful of Almonds 
Handful of oats or granola 
1/2 cup of Almondmilk (mine was soy & lactose free) 
1/4 teaspooon of PB2 (chocolate flavor)

Combine all ingredients in a blender & ta-da! You got a kick ass smoothie!! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weeks 9-12

Your final set of workouts! These have the exact same concept as the workouts to previous weeks. Again when your ready for this set of weeks you can start them anytime :)
Weeks 9-12

Weeks 5-8

Here are your next set of workouts when you are ready for them! Hope you enjoy & if you have any questions about a certain lift comment below & I will give further instructions! :)
Weeks 5-8

Weeks 1-4 Workout Plan

A good friend of mine sent me this workout plan & I thought I would share it with you all. It's pretty basic and simple. You repeat these four workouts for four weeks then you will move on to new workouts on week five. I am putting them all in one post so you can all find them in one place!
Weeks 1-4
A little side note: When lifting if you find that getting 12 reps is easy you will need to increase your weight, and if you are having a hard time getting in 8 reps you will need to decrease your weight. When increasing your weight find your medium so you are working your muscles to their fullest potential.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sparkles & Bling, it's Finally the Real Thing

It's been about a month now since Clay popped the question. We've done hardly any planning yet because we are still in awe mode from the proposal. I stare at my ring every morning and can't believe it really happened that evening on vacation. Our relationship has grown over the past few months and so much has already happened. Clay ended up getting a different job and the pay is amazing. He's got some bills to pay for now that I have my rock on my finger :) 
I am so in love with how sparkly and perfect it is. He truly picked out the right one! Simple and elegant are what I wanted and he nailed it for sure. I just can't stop looking at how gorgeous it is.
Now that I have the ring it really feels like the real thing. There for awhile my finger was naked because Clay didn't propose with a ring. "Real classy babe," is what I told him, but he had told me "the moment was just right" and didn't want to wait any longer. Of course it made me happy and smile. I can't wait to really start planning for our wedding now!! :)