Monday, July 29, 2013

What A Champion Breakfast Looks Like

When you hear the word "Champion" what image pops in your head? For me personally one of those big sumo wrestlers from China or Japan (not sure which one ha) holding up their belt is the image I get. Okay, okay but really we all have our own image of what something looks like when we hear a certain phrase. 
So today I am revealing what my Champion Breakfast looks like. Since starting AdvoCare back in November of 2012 I have learned a lot about how different foods you consume work on your body. I am no nutritionist but I feel as if these foods really have helped me slim down my waist line and drop 20 lbs! Every breakfast should have 3 components. A protein, complex carb, and fruit! Now these can all be your own choice as long as they are those three things. Here is what I chose this morning. 
I chose one whole egg and an egg white. It's best to eat egg whites because the yolks of the egg contain cholesterol. If there is one thing my physiology class taught me was we should try to cut back on cholesterol; our bodies already make it for us. If you haven't guessed it yet that was my protein! :) 
Now for fruit as you can see I chose just a handful of blueberries and a couple strawberries. Berries have all kinds of benefits for our bodies, so head to the store and getcha some! 
You may be looking at this picture and asking yourself what the hell that is! Well it's oatmeal with almond milk! I think I put way to much milk than oats but it still tastes great. I have never really been a huge fan of oatmeal but I'm slowly starting to like it. I make my own with rolled oats and almond milk. Sometimes I'll add in some brown sugar to give it a sweeter taste but the almond milk really helps with that. If you've never tried it before I would suggest giving it a shot! It's actually pretty tasty. 
Oatmeal is a great food for weight loss so if your looking for food to help aid in your success this is one to go to. It's also considered a complex-carb. 

The little green pills on my plate are my supplements from AdvoCare! I am on the MNS E system and love it. Working nights for a couple straight months has put a toll on my body, and this product has helped me reboot a little bit and is giving me energy! Interested in trying this product contact me at or go to my microsite and send me a message. I would be happy to help anyone go in the right direction and help them with the success they are looking for! 
Here is just one of my friends that I helped lose 15 lbs by using AdvoCare. 
She truly rocked her 24 Day Challenge and I am so proud of her! 
Get yours here or click on the AdvoCare tab in my menu bar! 

You've got your champion breakfast, now it's time to eat!! 
Enjoy! :)

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