Monday, July 29, 2013

Accomplishments are a coming!

In 3 days it will be August! Where did the month of July go?! My summer has been flying by and I haven't done much of anything with the free time I get. My schedule has looked a little something like, sleep, eat, work, sleep, eat, hangout with Clay (occasionally) and then repeat. I haven't cleaned or organized anything for 2 months! That's not like me. I have decided that when August comes rolling in I'm making myself a list of things I wanna accomplish for the month and I better cross everyone of them off it. 
#1 is to workout everyday. I've noticed I have been slacking this past month. Today was the first day I've been back in the gym in awhile. I'll be feeling it when I wake up! 
#2 is to rearrange and organize my entire room and wardrobe. I might need 2 weeks just for that task. :( 
#3 is to start the semester off with all As. I hope that's possible.  

I know I really suck at sticking to posting things since I do a lot of my blog posts on my phone. It's hard to keep up on daily posts like I would love to do. So hang in there with me this country girl may actually be getting wifi soon so I'll be able to get on my laptop and use real Internet for once in my home. Crazy it's the 21st generation and we are still running on good ole dial-up! 

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