Saturday, January 31, 2015

Week 2 of BBG 1.0

I am super excited to share with you my progress I have been making over the last two weeks! 
I started Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide 1.0 on January 18th and I was blown away with my own results from the first week. 
Okay to post these photos is super embarrassing because I am showing the whole world what my body looks like thing I know is I am being super vulnerable and letting you guys see the raw me.
These two photos were just one week apart and I am super excited with the results I am already seeing. I have lost 3 lbs and a couple of inches, but most importantly I am seeing my skin become firmer. The exercises are by no means easy and they will challenge every muscle in your body, but if you are looking to get into shape or looking to get ready for the summer these workouts are on point! 

I use AdvoCare Spark to power through the workouts because the plyometric set up consists of cardio and body weight training. The boost of energy and mental focus Spark provides is the perfect aide to my workouts. And I feel amazing even though my body feels like death. If you've seen on instagram most of us Bikini Body Girls hashtag #deathbykayla when we complete a workout. :) 
Here was one of my death by Kayla faces. It was leg day & I felt like puking 14 minutes into the workout. This girl knows how to design a kick ass workout let me tell ya! 

Flexing with my whittle bicep. I have been weight training since mid-June and I am starting to see muscles pop up here and there, which is super exciting! My arms are one area that is seeing the slowest progress along with my abs of course. I have a ton of body fat I am trying to get rid of, but this is a process that takes time. 

Cleaning up my diet is the next thing on my list to really tune into. My workouts have been pretty consistent. I train 5 times a week sometimes 6 with Sunday as my rest day. Rest days are important because your body is actually breaking down the muscle when you are in the gym training, so rest days give your body time to repair and heal those muscle fibers. 
I always use Nighttime Recovery from AdvoCare before I go to bed and this helps me get out of bed in the mornings. Without this little product my body would feel like I went to battle. Nighttime Recovery is an amino acid and herbal supplement that supports muscle repair and enhances muscle growth. Definitley one of my favorite go to products. You can find all my workout supplements here

Sunday, January 18, 2015

12 Week Transformation Underway!

Hello Ladies! 

As the month of January is already halfway over I have decided to start a 12 week transformation program to kick start my goals for 2015.
If you have instagram you may have already seen many results from girls doing Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide 1.0 

I was shocked to see many girls getting great results that I had to get my hands on one of the guides and try this program out for myself. 
My first week of the program starts tomorrow so in 12 weeks I hope to see some awesome results. I know with how my bodies condition is right now I may need to go through the workout guide twice just to get the results I am looking for.

For you ladies out there who have no idea what I am talking about here is just a few girls transformations over the 12 weeks...or 24..

These are real girls with real results and I am extremely excited for them and all the other girls out there who are seeing amazing results! I am so happy I stumbled upon Kayla on instagram because she gets the image girls are looking for and created a workout system that is working for so many girls. 

If any of you would like to join me on these next 12 weeks you can get the Bikini Body Guide 1.0 @

Cant wait to start tomorrow & share with you my journey! If you don't already go follow my instagram @shelbyrenee9210. This is where I will be posting photos throughout my journey of my meals and exercises, along with some TRANSFORMATIONS :)


Friday, January 9, 2015


Ringing in the New Year was extremely different for me this year. I brought in the NEW YEAR with a NEW ME! For the past few years I would wake up the next morning with a hangover from Hell, because we would be partying all hours of the night. This year was a big change for me, I brought in the year with a new outlook on my life. I was sober, happy, and knew what I wanted for myself coming into 2015! To be honest I was passed out, in my bed by 11. Some may call me lame for that and others may be inspired, but I know this year will be the best year of my life! 

My Goals for 2015 are...

WEIGH 140s

I have already seen great progress with how my body is changing and I owe it all to being consistent with hitting the gym and having my boyfriend motivate me on my goals. I have already had multiple compliments from my co-workers and family tell me how great I look, which lights the fire under my ass and keeps me motivated on my goals. 

Some of you may not see a difference between these two photos, but I can tell you not only is their a physical difference I've made life changing choices that have brought me to a happier place. Here is something many of you probably did not know about the picture of the left I was 21, engaged, and thought I had everything figured out for the future. I believed I was in a good place in my life and that I was the happiest I had ever been. My goals towards being a healthier person were being established and I thought I was looking great! Well everything started changing for me and my relationship as of August 2014. I became very unhappy with myself and was extremely unhappy in my relationship to my ex-fiance. I called off our engagement and broke up with him because of the life choices he was making for himself and I knew deep down I could not partake in those actions. I had never felt relieved once we broke up. It was like I was trapped and I never knew it or I did not want to see the truth. I can honestly say it was for the best, because I have been truly happy with myself. 
My lesson to you ladies out there who are trying to figure out what you want in life. Never settle because we deserve the best! I will be the first to say that when I said YES I did see a future, but after time went on and the true him came out "red flags" were threw at me and I knew there was something better out there waiting for me. The photo on the right was taken today (January 9th, 2015), and she is much stronger & knows what she wants! 

 One of my good friends from work, who is now the guy I am seeing is the total package to me, and I have had my eye on him for awhile :) This is from Christmas, Jesus's birthday (my man) & the Lord haha. He has made me realize that I deserve the best & I am extremely happy with the chances we took on each other. 

He brings out the wild child in me that was hiding within & I am so happy she has come out and blossomed because it's like I am the girl who I used to be when I was little. Care free, inspired, adventurous, living my life to the fullest, and on edge, I love this life of mine now & I wouldn't want it any other way. 
So 2015,
watch out, because THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!