Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Workout Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day!
Today was a wonderful day full of work, relaxation at home, and a nice evening walk with my brother and our dogs. I have been trying to get back to working out regularly, but this weather has made it hard for me to find motivation. Being cooped up all winter has felt like hibernation mode, which was kicked up to full blast. I am super surprised a snow storm hasn't snuck its way back into our lives by now by the way that winter was going. The weather now is calling for DAMN TORNADOS!! What the hell is going on with mother nature?! I would just love some 50s-60s sunny with green grass and flowers :) *wishful thinking* 
My gym membership ran out mid-march and I haven't felt like getting a new one. I don't see the point in paying for one when I like to be outside and the weather is starting to finally warm up a bit. Running is something I have slightly started to like a little bit more these days, and running outside vs the treadmill just isn't the same. Getting some fresh air while running is the best mode enhancer and releases endorphins making everything that was shitty turn okay. Even though running might not be that fun it is a great workout. 

So tonights walk was about 40 minutes steady pace, stopping every couple of minutes so the dogs could mark over each others piss spots. Drove me nuts! Getting some fresh air this evening was well overdue and much needed, so I am glad I took the time out of my evening to go. 

I challenge you to take just 30 minutes of your day to get some type of physical activity in. Whether it is a quick walk or run just 30 minutes will add up throughout the week. Doing this 5 times a week will add up to 150 minutes of physical activity for the week which can help you improve your health. No matter why you decide to workout your body will thank you for doing it and you will notice a difference in your energy levels as well. 

If your working out for more than 30 minutes a day at higher intensity levels a pre and post workout may be something to look into. AdvoCare has many great products for enhancing your workouts and giving you maximal results. Check them out here AdvoCare
I love these products and use them every time I do a workout. 
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Hope you all have a wonderful hump day & enjoy some type of activity this evening :)

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