Sunday, October 9, 2016

Plan With Me Sunday // WEEKEND RECAP

Happy Sunday loves and HELLO FALL! I want to first apologize for not posting last week. I took some time to myself and just brainstormed some ideas for upcoming blog posts and enjoyed time with my friends and family. There are weeks where I am not pleased with the content I've created or feel like there is more I can share with you all and last week was one of them. So I decided to take a week off and regroup myself. I hope you all will enjoy what is about to be brought to the blog for weeks to come! I know I am super excited so I hope you will be there with me along the way! 

Okay so let's just talk about the amazing weather we had hear in Indiana this past weekend. Saturday was beautiful and I am pretty sure I am not the only one who thought so. My family and I took a shopping trip and the stores were packed! Everyone was out and about shopping and enjoying the nice weather just like we were. It was even nice enough to dress like FALL! Oh yes, I broke out my boots, skinny jeans and a cute leather jacket. 

I love this time of the year because I personally think it's the best season for fashion. You can put on a cute sweater and not sweat your ass off 10 minutes later, unless you are booking it to a 11 am lecture on campus. I've had many of those days. You end up stripping off three layers to just put back on two.  You know you have done that! 

Gosh do I not miss those days. 

I did pick up some cute to-do lists at TJMaxx because if you know anything about me by now you know I love me some to-do lists. The best part about them is the huge magnetic attached to the back so I can throw them on the refrigerator and glance at them daily.

We also made a stop at Gordmans where I happened to find myself buying a coffee mug and a rug. WTF Shelby! I almost put both of them back but then said screw it we are checking out and I'm buying them. The rug is going to be for my bathroom next year when I purchase my first home. I've slowly been buying things here and there so I'm not overwhelmed all at once. I am though saving the big purchases like furniture and some appliances for me and my babe to make together. :) He loves checking out furniture just as much as I do so we love being able to dream together. haha. 

That pretty much sums up how my Saturday went. The morning was super busy with getting in a workout, scheduling a nail appointment and then coming home to get ready, but other than that the evening was perfect.

Today I just plan on taking a rest day. Catching up on some sleep, grocery shopping, and getting my meal prep done for the week so I can start up the 31 Day Challenge with the Tone It Up girls. I was going to be starting it last week, but I was not prepared at all and ended up eating whatever I pleased. 
This week though we are getting back into the game and going strong. I've got my grocery list all made out, my Happy Planner planned out, my workout clothes laid out for the week, and a clearer mind to tackle this week ahead. I've learned from past experience that it is really easy to become overwhelmed if you try to plan to far out in advance, so it's best to just take one week at a time. That is what I will be doing for the remainder of the challenge. I hope to become better at taking care of myself both mentally and physically.