Friday, August 10, 2012

My Financial Plan UPDATE!!

So if you have been a follower of my blog for awhile you will remember the post about My Financial Plan. This post got me so excited after I finished writing it I immediately started getting my financial situation together. Well I hadn't read the book when I wrote my last post, but after I shared my thoughts with you all I got on the ball and starting reading Dave Ramsey's book, The Total Money Makeover. 

It is a very inspirational book to read, because he gives us all hope. After I finished his book,(in just 2 days), I set myself goals and budgets to get myself out of debt. I can say my 1st step in the Baby Steps is complete and I feel great knowing I have a little security blanket just incase of an emergency. 
As a college student I am stressing of finding a way to pay for all my college expenses, but budgeting has been a lifesaver! I am learning what my money is being spent towards and when I can't afford it, I simply don't buy it. I am so grateful as well that I have such amazing, and helpful parents have been helping me with minor costs, because without them I'd be in way more debt then I already am. 
So as I continue on with Dave's plan I am working this school year (something I have never done before) to have a little extra money to save up, so when I'm out of college good-bye school loans. :)

I am thinking about making a separate post to explain Dave's Baby Steps for you all and a way to be organized and give you all a little inspiration and hope, because we can do it. We shouldn't have to be in debt all of our lives, so join in and follow up on My Financial Plan and Dave's Baby Steps.
If you haven't already become a follower of my blog and leave comments I love getting new followers and reading what everyone has to say. :) Have a happy Friday!