Monday, July 29, 2013

What A Champion Breakfast Looks Like

When you hear the word "Champion" what image pops in your head? For me personally one of those big sumo wrestlers from China or Japan (not sure which one ha) holding up their belt is the image I get. Okay, okay but really we all have our own image of what something looks like when we hear a certain phrase. 
So today I am revealing what my Champion Breakfast looks like. Since starting AdvoCare back in November of 2012 I have learned a lot about how different foods you consume work on your body. I am no nutritionist but I feel as if these foods really have helped me slim down my waist line and drop 20 lbs! Every breakfast should have 3 components. A protein, complex carb, and fruit! Now these can all be your own choice as long as they are those three things. Here is what I chose this morning. 
I chose one whole egg and an egg white. It's best to eat egg whites because the yolks of the egg contain cholesterol. If there is one thing my physiology class taught me was we should try to cut back on cholesterol; our bodies already make it for us. If you haven't guessed it yet that was my protein! :) 
Now for fruit as you can see I chose just a handful of blueberries and a couple strawberries. Berries have all kinds of benefits for our bodies, so head to the store and getcha some! 
You may be looking at this picture and asking yourself what the hell that is! Well it's oatmeal with almond milk! I think I put way to much milk than oats but it still tastes great. I have never really been a huge fan of oatmeal but I'm slowly starting to like it. I make my own with rolled oats and almond milk. Sometimes I'll add in some brown sugar to give it a sweeter taste but the almond milk really helps with that. If you've never tried it before I would suggest giving it a shot! It's actually pretty tasty. 
Oatmeal is a great food for weight loss so if your looking for food to help aid in your success this is one to go to. It's also considered a complex-carb. 

The little green pills on my plate are my supplements from AdvoCare! I am on the MNS E system and love it. Working nights for a couple straight months has put a toll on my body, and this product has helped me reboot a little bit and is giving me energy! Interested in trying this product contact me at or go to my microsite and send me a message. I would be happy to help anyone go in the right direction and help them with the success they are looking for! 
Here is just one of my friends that I helped lose 15 lbs by using AdvoCare. 
She truly rocked her 24 Day Challenge and I am so proud of her! 
Get yours here or click on the AdvoCare tab in my menu bar! 

You've got your champion breakfast, now it's time to eat!! 
Enjoy! :)

Accomplishments are a coming!

In 3 days it will be August! Where did the month of July go?! My summer has been flying by and I haven't done much of anything with the free time I get. My schedule has looked a little something like, sleep, eat, work, sleep, eat, hangout with Clay (occasionally) and then repeat. I haven't cleaned or organized anything for 2 months! That's not like me. I have decided that when August comes rolling in I'm making myself a list of things I wanna accomplish for the month and I better cross everyone of them off it. 
#1 is to workout everyday. I've noticed I have been slacking this past month. Today was the first day I've been back in the gym in awhile. I'll be feeling it when I wake up! 
#2 is to rearrange and organize my entire room and wardrobe. I might need 2 weeks just for that task. :( 
#3 is to start the semester off with all As. I hope that's possible.  

I know I really suck at sticking to posting things since I do a lot of my blog posts on my phone. It's hard to keep up on daily posts like I would love to do. So hang in there with me this country girl may actually be getting wifi soon so I'll be able to get on my laptop and use real Internet for once in my home. Crazy it's the 21st generation and we are still running on good ole dial-up! 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ooh I Love Office Supplies

After I got off work this morning I made a pit stop to Wally-World and got nothing on my list! Why do I do that to myself I needed 3 things and came out with only one item I really needed. I tend to stroll threw the place like I have all this cash to just spend and what do you know I easily could have spent over a hundred doll hairs! 
Well you guessed it Office Supplies are my weakness! Here is all the shit I thought I needed for school. What's inside you maybe asking. 
4 Notebooks 
3 Packs of pencils 
3 Tab dividers $1 each couldn't pass them up!! 
1 Expander file (like the red one I have in my "sorry for being M.I.A post) (don't know why I got another) 
2 Washi tape for my new lilly planner (can't wait for it to arrive!!) 
1 Storage tub (actually on the list) 
Dry erase markers 
What are some of your guys favorite office supplies you use either to keep items organized or what you use for school! Comment below to share your favorites! 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Retreat!

My chapter had the honor to stay at Hanover College this past weekend for some fun. We are so grateful that we got the opportunity to stay here and bond over the weekend. Our college doesn't have Greek life housing so it's an experience we cherish and have fun with. Like our president said this weekend "we get to play house!" I loved getting to see everyone because we all have been super busy this summer and most of us are back in our hometowns. 
I am so glad I joined Phi Mu because it has gave me my best friends! I don't know what I would do without these girls. 

We had our own little mini road trip and had a blast while we were at it. There wasn't a quite moment there or back home. The bond I have with these girls is incredible and don't know what I would do without them in my life. 
I love having the opportunity to do certain things like I did this weekend it always puts excitement into my days and I love every minute of it. 

Hope everyone else had a great weekend! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Exciting News

This vacation will always be special to the both of us. Our very first night there Clay surprised us all with something I have been dreaming of for the past couple of years. It all started when Clay was finishing up the spaghetti sauce for his mom while they went out fishing. We were talking about how much we loved one another, and he had told me I had came into his life at the right time. I of course started to cry because no one has expressed that kind of emotion and love for me. He continued to tell me that I was his one and only and I had saved his life. Now what girl doesn't get emotional over that! I sure was. 
 We began filling our plates full of noodles and sauce, and then made our way out to the steps of the cabin. Clay proceeded to express his love for me while I stuffed my face with romantic was I. He ended up putting down his plate and proposed to me! What the!? I had no clue it was the real thing, because he would joke around with me all the time about it. He looked me dead in the eyes and said no Shelby I am serious. I guess I should have known when he used my full name and said I want to spend forever with you. Of course then I realized this was the real deal and I put down my plate and started crying. I don't even remember when I let go of him because all I wanted to do was be held. I really wish someone was there to capture our moment for us, but I know I will never forget it and will always be reminded when we return back every year.