Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ooh I Love Office Supplies

After I got off work this morning I made a pit stop to Wally-World and got nothing on my list! Why do I do that to myself I needed 3 things and came out with only one item I really needed. I tend to stroll threw the place like I have all this cash to just spend and what do you know I easily could have spent over a hundred doll hairs! 
Well you guessed it Office Supplies are my weakness! Here is all the shit I thought I needed for school. What's inside you maybe asking. 
4 Notebooks 
3 Packs of pencils 
3 Tab dividers $1 each couldn't pass them up!! 
1 Expander file (like the red one I have in my "sorry for being M.I.A post) (don't know why I got another) 
2 Washi tape for my new lilly planner (can't wait for it to arrive!!) 
1 Storage tub (actually on the list) 
Dry erase markers 
What are some of your guys favorite office supplies you use either to keep items organized or what you use for school! Comment below to share your favorites! 


Angi Solle said...

I just stumbled across your adorable blog, I too have a huge organization/office supply problem lol

Anonymous said...

I never realized how amazing expanding files were until this year. I Love office supplies.
I love your blog !

Shelby Williams said...

Thank you so much! And I know they are awesome. A great organizing system

Shelby Williams said...

Would love to stop by your blog! :) thanks for the sweet comment!