Thursday, December 24, 2015

Discovering New Things

love trying new things whether it is a new store at the mall, a new restaurant, or even a new gym. So before I begin this post I want to introduce you all to the LOVE OF MY LIFE :)
(Christmas last year). We met a little over a year ago and fell quickly in love for one another. Dating I have learned many cultural differences that we share and that is why I am writing this blog post. I've learned that their is so much more in the world to discover than what is right in front of us. 
This past weekend I enjoyed a day out with my boyfriend and his family. We started our morning off with breakfast at Steak'N'Shake. After breakfast we went to look at a house his family was interested in. We all came to the conclusion that pictures are not what they are made out to be. The house was way smaller than it looked and there was no lake in the backyard like it was portrayed. It was a very easy decision for them to say that the house was not for them, and that they would keep looking for the perfect house. 
After checking out the house we made our way to a local Sam's Club to get groceries. It is always fun for us to browse around and see what items we can find. I loved seeing the giant teddy bears out on display, that were three times of a human being, and watching people struggle to hold them. They also had a ton of festive candies and gift items out to browse as well. Once we finished up there we got a bite to eat at Outback Steakhouse. Jesus and I are not really huge fans of Outback, because we haven't had great dining experiences when we go, but we sucked it up and enjoyed spending time with his family. After we had some food we made our way to the Mexican Bakery. The first time I went in with them I was hesitant to get any bread, because I did not know what I would like, but this time I grabbed a tray and some tongs and was on a mission to find some yummy bread. This is one piece I found and I realized I have been missing out! I ate this piece of bread for breakfast on Sunday while I also enjoyed some delicious coffee. 
Once we finished up at the bakery we made our way over to the Mexican store. I loved the atmosphere and discovering all the unique ingredients they use in their foods. It definitely makes me more excited to learn about my loves culture, and to start discovering things about the Hispanic culture that make it so different from America. I am one who has a curious mind, so this has been fun and really different than any other relationship I have been in. Dating him has shown me to not take the "little things" for granted and to be grateful for what we have. I am very grateful to have him in my life, because he has shown me the real feeling of what being in love feels like. 
That was pretty much all we did last weekend. We did some shopping for last minute Christmas gifts as well on Sunday, but other than that it was a nice and relaxing weekend. We took all weekend off from the gym and had a 3 day rest weekend :) It was nice to give our bodies a break in that area as well. 
Thank you all for reading! Hope you all have a Happy Holiday! 

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