Friday, July 13, 2012

Random thoughts & Smash Books

This week has felt so long to me. Work went so slow and today I got to leave early because we ran out of work. At least it is Friday, so that just meant I got to spend more time with my boyfriend. It's been a very relaxing day today wish is very nice. Haven't been busy with much today. Me and Clay, my boyfriend, went to see one of his friends houses he is renting out and for being an old farm house it's not to bad. Makes me want to hurry up get my RN and be on my way to making money and settling down. 
I am so in love with looking at homes and planning how I would love for each room to look. I'm thinking about making what's called a SMASH book and taking clippings from magazines and putting all of my ideas in one place. I saw something like this on Pinterest, but never really understood the point, but thinking about it a few days ago I thought why not start my own SMASH book.
 I think it's a great way to put together all your ideas its a messy but beautiful way to organize clippings. It's like a scrapbook without your own pictures, but of ideas or writings. Anything you can think of really.
More images.

These smash books are super cute! I can't wait to create my own. I will defiantly have to share it with you whenever I make one.

This post is just some random thoughts that I wanted to blog about. Hope everyone is enjoying their start to their weekend. Have a safe one!