Thursday, July 17, 2014

Let's Rewind

Take me back to May when summer classes haven't started up yet and I was still working 7-3 not 7-11. Ever since I have been on 3rd shift and taking my two summer classes I have been falling short in every area of my life! I have not been able to find any balance this summer. This chicka has been on the struggle bus more times than she can count and I really hope it starts getting better soon. 

Working nights has drained me physically and mentally to where I have not been working out or really eating that great to be completely honest. All bullshit aside I have probably gained 5-10 lbs which I hate admitting. Life happens ya, ya, ya, but I just when I was starting to see progress and losing a little, WHAM the train was put to a halt and I was hitting a wall. My dieting went from clean, lean, and green, to carbs, soda, and alcohol. Not to mention I was working out 6-7 days a week sometimes 2 times a day to BAM absolutely nada. This became very frustrating for me, and I am actually a little depressed I think because of it, but only I can change it. So let this be motivation to you all and never give up on yourself. Look forwards and not backwards :)

I think I only did because I saw no success for myself. I was only getting 5 hours a sleep most days, working 10 hour shifts, and having assignments due every other day. There was no room for me time which was gym time. 

This past week has been more focused. I have been eating better but not 100% and there is a lack of balance most days. I have worked out only twice so far, but I count my job as physical activity sometimes. Like this week has been very draining so for me work has been counting for something. I am very happy that tonight is my FRIDAY though! It's almost the weekend! I can't wait because Saturday morning I am hitting up my zumba class then heading to Ohio for some shopping at IKEA!! 

Not only have I been looking for new furniture but I am now on a hunt for a NEW CAR! Yea as if I didn't have enough problems before with my car I am now doomed. This is off subject of dieting, but I am a little messed up all around ha. So the other morning last week I got off work at 4:30 am and I was heading home. I kid you not my car decided to go bat shit crazy and shoot out a fireball out of the hood.  Never been more scared in my life until then. I am pretty sure I saw my life flash before my eyes...oh no wait it was a freaking flame saying hey I think I am going to blow up on you! So yea now every time I drive it I am on the edge of my seat just waiting to eject from my car. Oh yes you heard that right the baby still runs, I really don't know how and if it is even still safe to drive, but I am managing until I find a car that's in my budget. 

So with all that aside I am still breathing and living happily as I ever could. I am seriously ready though to get myself  back on a normal schedule, start sleeping at night, and lose about 25 lbs! Who's with me..haha..okay my random ass is done rambling.