Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Fall Must Haves

Since fall has officially arrived these are just a few of my favorite "must have" items. The first is a military vest which would be a perfect companion with some combat boots and skinny jeans. The second item on my list is a baggy sweater. These are also perfect with boots and leggings and our next item BIG knit scarves. I really can't wait to get all five of these items added to my wardrobe. 
Happy Fall!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Blog!

It's here! I decided to start the wedding planning on the blog! A brand new blog I might add. All my followers of Simply Pure and Beautiful head over and send some love! The title totally fits since we've got a while until we get hitched. The Three Year Engagement
I am so excited about this blog and to share with you all our journey over the next three years of being engaged. Everything from the planning, my stressed out moments, and of course THE WEDDING! And occasionally some margarita pictures of some celebrations. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the new blog as much as I do! :)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

To Update or Not to Update...That is the ?

Okay all so since the new iOS 7 came out I have been debating on whether or not to update my iPhone 5. I need some suggestions. I love the look of the iPhone as it is, but change is good right?!

I decided since my iPad 2 was available for the update to go ahead and try it instead. While  I am waiting on it to download, I decided to write up this post. Now well we see how long this takes to load. A few of my friends' iPhones took quite a while to download the new software, so I hoping mine doesn't take hours to do. 
I would love to hear how you all like your new updated phones and what are some of your favorite features about it! Or if you don't like the new update feel free to tell us why you wish you didn't make the switch. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Day of Fall

Today finally kicked off the first day of fall and the weather was perfect here in Indiana! To make it official I got a PSL. Seriously heaven in my mouth. 
Even though it was a super nice day I really wasn't productive like I should have been. Clay & I laid in bed and watched the football games practically all day. Nothing better though than be curled up under the covers and having a cuddle sesh all day! He didn't mind it one bit either. 
Since fall has arrived I started to get in the mood to think of ideas for our wedding. The planning hasn't really begun, but we finally picked our day! I couldn't be more excited to marry my best friend on OCTOBER 1st, 2016! 
It's a longer engagement then planned, but I'm trying to get my degree out of the way. Only 2 more years! 
Once I graduate I can't wait to start planning our fall wedding!
 This has been my inspiration and we have already thought of some really cute ideas to go along with our fall themed wedding.
 If you didn't know this about me yet it's seriously my favorite season so...
Happy first day of fall all! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Trying Out Whey

I have been on the struggle bus this month badly! I can't even remember the last time I went to the gym. (*frown face*) I am completely stuck in this slump and can't get my ass back in the gear to a better me! My meals have been pretty good except when I miss one due to my busy schedule at school. Mondays are the worst because I have zero breaks in between my classes! Lets just say its the "Wrath of Shelby" and be warned! I'm so grouchy and just want to eat by the time 3 o'clock comes. By that time I throw in the towel and eat like CRAP. 
Since I've noticed these awful behaviors I'm in need to change them before I start packing on the weight. I was at the store the other day with my fiancé and came across Whey, which is a protein power supplement. 
It was a little pricey but for a huge container I decided to give it a shot. This evening I put one scoop in my almond milk and OMGeeee this was AMAZING! It tasted like my vanilla meal replacement shakes from advocare except not as thick. I'm super excited to experiment with different recipes now and maybe make this the start to getting my ass back in gear! My thought was to try supplementing this powder with some of my carbs since they are able to turn into fat. Protein is what fuels our muscles and helps in weight loss, so why not try this route. 
I haven't really developed any thoughts on how well whey works since I've used it once but if any of you have thoughts on it and how you like it please share with us! 
Hope you all have a Happy Thursday! 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Life as a PHI MU

Joining a sorority is something I never had imagined myself doing, but 3 years ago I made the decision to RUSH! Man was that one hell of a ride. The whole weekend I wasn't really sure what I was getting myself into and wasn't confident that the girls would even like who I was. 3 years ago I was this shy, self reserved girl who was having a hard time meeting new friends at college and keeping them. 
Going through recruitment and finding my new HΦΜE in Phi Mu was my missing piece. I can remember walking into their room and the girls were chanting. To be completely honest I was a little freaked out. There energy though was radiant and I began picturing myself as apart of their sorority. My decision between the two I loved the most wasn't easy,but I am so proud to call myself a ΦΜ! The first few weeks being a Phi were okay, but I didn't really find my fit until after I was initiated. I had so much fun during my Phi experience but I hadn't found that fire for ΦΜ unlike I do now. My sisters mean the world to me and I have grown because of them and my time in Phi Mu. I have met some really amazing women and have found some of my best friends here. I wouldn't be the women I am today without ΦΜ & I wouldn't trade it for the world. 
It's not the best quality picture but this was the night I got my big! This girl has been there for me so much and I couldn't be more proud to be her little. Even though she's an alumi now she will always be my Phi Mu sister! I love how when we don't see each other for a long period of time we are able to pick up from where we left off last. 
 My precious little! Unfortunately she transferred back home so I don't have her in my Phamily or at school anymore but this girl and I were two peas in a pod! I miss you Em! On another note though we just got 50 new beautiful Phis & I can't wait to take one as my little :) 
Our chapter just keeps growing! As of this past weekend we have 112 members!! We literally doubled our chapter after this past recruitment and we couldn't be more excited to be expanding! 
This girl is my rock, my twin, my sister, and best friend! I literally don't know what I would do without her in my life. We know everything about one another and know what the other is thinking. Sometimes it's creepy but I never imagined to meet someone like her! 
My overall thoughts! 
Phi Mu has made me into a confident and strong women. I know without it I wouldn't be who I am today. For those of you who are thinking about rushing I say do it! You will be glad you did and will gain so much from the experience. The women in your chapters will be your sisters for life and no matter where you go, whom you meet, get married, how much it costs, or the birthday you forgot..your sisters will always be beside you to love, support and encourage you! 
I am so happy to say I am a PHI MU!! 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ready for Fall!

Fall is my favorite season out of the year. The color of the leaves changing, the outfits, and of course Halloween are just a few of my favorites that come along with the season. I've been on the hunt for some super stylish and cute outfits for this year and can't wait to start making my purchases as the cooler weather starts making its way into the Hoosier state. As of right now we have been seeing 90 degree weather and its so humid out. I'm about over it! Where was this weather in the middle of July!? 
As soon as it hits mid 60s/70s I'm hitting my favorite stores and making my purchases. I've really been on the look out for cute vests, boots, and scarves. These are always the signature favorites for fall time. 
On another side note PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES from Starbucks!! 
Yummy in my tummy. Can't wait to get my hands on one of those soon. :) I have been seeing pictures on Instagram of them & I've been dying a little inside to have one. (My Instagram @shelbyrenee9210) Follow me :) 
What are your favorites for fall? Feel free to share :) 
Also I got a new paint job for the festive season. Let the season begin!