Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Day of Fall

Today finally kicked off the first day of fall and the weather was perfect here in Indiana! To make it official I got a PSL. Seriously heaven in my mouth. 
Even though it was a super nice day I really wasn't productive like I should have been. Clay & I laid in bed and watched the football games practically all day. Nothing better though than be curled up under the covers and having a cuddle sesh all day! He didn't mind it one bit either. 
Since fall has arrived I started to get in the mood to think of ideas for our wedding. The planning hasn't really begun, but we finally picked our day! I couldn't be more excited to marry my best friend on OCTOBER 1st, 2016! 
It's a longer engagement then planned, but I'm trying to get my degree out of the way. Only 2 more years! 
Once I graduate I can't wait to start planning our fall wedding!
 This has been my inspiration and we have already thought of some really cute ideas to go along with our fall themed wedding.
 If you didn't know this about me yet it's seriously my favorite season so...
Happy first day of fall all! 

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