Thursday, September 19, 2013

Trying Out Whey

I have been on the struggle bus this month badly! I can't even remember the last time I went to the gym. (*frown face*) I am completely stuck in this slump and can't get my ass back in the gear to a better me! My meals have been pretty good except when I miss one due to my busy schedule at school. Mondays are the worst because I have zero breaks in between my classes! Lets just say its the "Wrath of Shelby" and be warned! I'm so grouchy and just want to eat by the time 3 o'clock comes. By that time I throw in the towel and eat like CRAP. 
Since I've noticed these awful behaviors I'm in need to change them before I start packing on the weight. I was at the store the other day with my fiancĂ© and came across Whey, which is a protein power supplement. 
It was a little pricey but for a huge container I decided to give it a shot. This evening I put one scoop in my almond milk and OMGeeee this was AMAZING! It tasted like my vanilla meal replacement shakes from advocare except not as thick. I'm super excited to experiment with different recipes now and maybe make this the start to getting my ass back in gear! My thought was to try supplementing this powder with some of my carbs since they are able to turn into fat. Protein is what fuels our muscles and helps in weight loss, so why not try this route. 
I haven't really developed any thoughts on how well whey works since I've used it once but if any of you have thoughts on it and how you like it please share with us! 
Hope you all have a Happy Thursday! 

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