Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Best Friends 21st!!

Today is my best friends 21st birthday!! I'm so excited to celebrate it with her tonight!! Got my craft on today that is for sure :) Hope she loves all her gifts!!

As for me I pampered myself today with a manicure and actually did my hair. Haha my rats nest needs a lot of TLC and it just hasn't had a good treatment lately. I'm thinking this weekend would be a good time to get it trimmed and treated.
I love, love, love this color!! I got my nails done because I am going to a wedding on Saturday, so thought they should look kind of nice.

What kind of products do you all use on your hair to keep it looking healthy and shiny? Would love to know. I have tried a lot of different products and my favorite so far is from TREsemme's split end remedy line, split end sealing serum. It makes my hair soft and shiny, but the only thing I don't like about it is my hair becomes kinda greasy throughout the day. With my curly hair I really like to use the mousse. It gives my curls a bouncy non-weighted down look, which I LOVE!!!
Well I am off to celebrate my besties birthday. Have a great Thursday evening!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Movie Night with my Babe

Tonight its a movie night Wednesday with my babe. Movie we chose was Get Him To The Greek. The movies we mostly watch are action and comedy. I can't seem to get Clay to watch anything that is romantic, but oh well. What movies do you all love to watch??

Have a great Wednesday night!! 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Being in a sorority has made me LOVE crafting even more. Pinterest is my favorite place to go for ideas for new crafts, decorating, organizing, etc. I mean just go to my page and you will see the massive amount of boards I have..yep I'm cray! I found a couple of pins that I think would be awesome to try to kick my butt in gear for some motivation. It has been lacking for a couple of days, and I need to get my ass back in the gym asap!


Like I said I found this pin on Pinterest, but I am thinking take a plain book and cut out magazines that you use for recipes or workout ideas and paste them in your book! Then with the tab pages those are your weeks so what I am going to do is write out my eating schedule for each day on a cute post it. That way if you need to get ideas for foods you can look back and see what you have been eating previously. Also jot down your workouts either daily or weekly, but do what is going to benefit you! I know I suck at keeping up on my workouts, so writing them down would really help me see how badly I'm slacking. 

The picture can be found here. I went to the link on Pinterest but it wasn't very helpful, so within a week or so I am going to start my journal and upload a tutorial. 


Another awesome craft idea I found is get two jars and label them "pounds lost" & "pounds to lose" Decorate them however you want and use marbles as your "pounds." Seems easy enough!  In the picture it actually looks like they might have just used glasses. So whatever you use is perfectly fine! I will be making this craft next weekend so kept an eye out on how it turns out! The picture can be found here. 

Friday, February 22, 2013


So I suck at keeping up on daily posts. I thought I was going to post workouts from BodyRock Tv but I say f-that. "Ain't nobody got time for that"
Can't believe it's Friday!! I have so much to get done this weekend but I will probably only get half of it done...ugh. On the bright side I can't wait for tonight. Spending some much needed quality time with my love :) hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

30 day fitness challenge by BodyRock Tv

I stumbled upon bodyrock tv today and found a 30 day challenge that I am determined to try out. If any of my readers out there want to join in I will post daily our workout for the day so you can join in with me.
Today was a fit test. They have different levels so beginner, intermediate, and advanced and you chose what fits you the best and go from there. I started out with the beginner no equipment and dang it kicked my butt. I was feeling the burn for sure! I found an interval timer on the App Store for free and used that for my timer!!
Here is what I did and how many reps as well.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge!

Welcome back!! Today's post I am going to talk about one of the best product systems I have found to be a life changing decision for myself and many other who have chosen AdvoCare.
Reasons why I chose AdvoCare...
#1. Lacked confidence in myself.
#2. Feeling very unhealthy and hated my body image.
#3. Needed a lifestyle change.
#4. The business aspect of it and helping others get their lives back on track to where they want to be.

So as you can tell from just the few reasons I chose AdvoCare the main reason for me was to lose weight and to have a healthy lifestyle and never go back to the old ways. I saw AdvoCare as a way to help me financially and physically with my body. I'll talk about the business part in another post, I just want to focus on how AdvoCare can help YOU get a healthy lifestyle we all search for.
But the ways AdvoCares products changed my life I will be forever grateful I took the plunge and decided to change my life! And Ill never regret my decision.
I started out with the 24 Day Challenge. The challenge consists of a 10 day cleanse where you start to flush out all the toxins in your body and build it up to start absorbing all the nutrients you take in throughout the challenge. "You can hold up to 35 pounds of waste that our bodies don't get rid of." Just think about that for a second. 35 pounds!! That's a lot of waste build up, this surely isn't true for everyone but really take a second and think about all the foods you have consumed over the past couple of years. If your eating consists of McDonalds, processed foods, a lot of sugar, pop/soda (apparently pop is an Indiana thing haha), etc. then cleansing your body might be something you should think about. Why not love our bodies and feed it with foods that are going to give us energy and fuel to last throughout the day? I noticed once I stopped eating the CRAP foods I felt so much better. I wasn't bloated or feeling sleepy after eating a good balanced nutritious meal. In the next 14 days of your challenge you will go through what's called the Max Phase or "burn phase". In this phase you'll will be eating 5 meals a day just like in the cleanse phase. Breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, and then finally dinner. Eating 5 meals a day allows our bodies metabolism to keep burning though out the day. Here's a little metaphor for you...think of it as a fire breakfast is like the sticks you put on to start the fire and as the day goes on you add more sticks (meals) throughout the day and by the time the evening comes around your fire is its hottest. This allows the fire to burn more quickly. In regards to our bodies at dinner is when our bodies is burning the most of its calories.
That is the 24 day challenge in a nutshell. I completed my very first challenge about 90 days ago and on my challenge I lost 10 pounds and 14 inches off my waist!! In just a little less than a month I never expected those results but with AdvoCares products its possible. Check out this website at or leave a comment if you have any questions. I would love to help anyone who is interested in making 2013 their best year!!!

I just wanted to post my results photo and a few additional things.
1. Some foods I eat :)
2. One of AdvoCares products to work with the 24 day challenge. Can you 24 DVD.

One of my favorite ways to have toast. Whole wheat bread with peanut butter and bananas.

One heart healthy breakfast. 2 egg whites, green peppers, some cheese, and cuties oranges, with 8 oz. of milk.

Fruit salad. Spinach, apples, grapes, cheese, and olive oil and vinegar dressing. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sorry for being M.I.A.

Welcome to my blog! Sorry I have been M.I.A. lately its crazy to think that this is already my 4th week of the Spring Semester and time has been flying by. Homework has kept me busy non-stop with weekly readings and papers. Not only am I busy with school work, but my sorority has had a lot of events since we have come back from Christmas Break. I have been appointed for a couple of positions, so they take a little time out of my days for planning events. I love every bit of it though! :)
  With all of that I plan on talking about how I manage my time, organizing school work, and etc. Being organized and prepared for classes are just one success you can have. I have noticed things that have worked for me and things that haven't worked for me with being successful in managing my time with school work and keeping up on everything I need to get done that week. To start off I am going to tell you some essential items I use to keep myself prepared for the week.

     #1: Use a PLANNER!! I use a Lilly Pulitzer planner and I love it. I write down all my assignments for my classes as well as sorority events I have coming up throughout the semester. First thing I do when I find out my classes is I print out each syllabus for my classes. I take out my planner and write down EVERYTHING. I feel this has really helped me stay focused on what tasks I need to get done during the week and I know what assignments are due on certain days. Here is a picture of my Lilly Pulitzer planner!!!

    #2: Make To-Do Lists.  These have been very effective for me. I started making really detailed to-do lists back in the summer when I was working 40+ hours a week. Even though it was the summer I had a lot to get done each day. As I was at work I would think of things (mostly chores) that I needed to get done. I would find my to-do lists having 10 chores or more on them, but I loved getting everything checked off my lists for that day.

    #3: I love to use colorful pens and markers. They make looking at my notes or planner a little more enjoyable. I think I also just have a love for pens :) I have an assortment of pens and markers. In this picture below I also have post-its because I mark all my readings I do for my classes with these. They come in handy!

    #4: Organizing filing system. I found this folder filing system at Wal-Mart for $5.00!! It comes will 6 folders and tags to name each folder. I find this better for me to use than 6 individual folders or however many classes I have. The folders seem to get worn down really easily throughout the semester and I don't like to reuse them because they don't last me more than one semester. This organizing filing system is reusable which is a HUGE bonus for me because I'm on a very tight budget. I love this filing system because it fits right in my backpack as well! Overall I love my newest addition to organizing my papers!!

     #5: Notebooks! I am an organizing junkie so when I spotted these notebooks at Wal-Mart I knew I had to get them! They are perfect for me and they let me put my syllabus right in the front so I know what I am doing in class that week. They also have a pocket inside for any additional papers I need handy. I will continue to use and buy these notebooks, because they have been the best ones I've used since being in school.

    Okay so you got your essential items now its time to tell you how I work out my busy schedule. I use my planner everyday of the week to make sure I am on the right track. My to-do lists allows me to keep up on the assignments I have due and when. On every Sunday I bring out my planner and I write down all the events (normally sorority stuff) that are going on that week. I look to see what tests, readings, assignments, and papers I have for that week and I start a new to-do list for the week. I post a to-do list in my planner & one up on my bulletin board so I am constantly reminded of my school work. This system has really been working for me. I have been studying a lot harder because I am more aware of what my assignments are because of this method I'm using. Feel free to use this technique :) and please comment below if you enjoyed this post or even have a way of staying organized with a busy schedule of your own and how you do it!