Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Being in a sorority has made me LOVE crafting even more. Pinterest is my favorite place to go for ideas for new crafts, decorating, organizing, etc. I mean just go to my page and you will see the massive amount of boards I have..yep I'm cray! I found a couple of pins that I think would be awesome to try to kick my butt in gear for some motivation. It has been lacking for a couple of days, and I need to get my ass back in the gym asap!


Like I said I found this pin on Pinterest, but I am thinking take a plain book and cut out magazines that you use for recipes or workout ideas and paste them in your book! Then with the tab pages those are your weeks so what I am going to do is write out my eating schedule for each day on a cute post it. That way if you need to get ideas for foods you can look back and see what you have been eating previously. Also jot down your workouts either daily or weekly, but do what is going to benefit you! I know I suck at keeping up on my workouts, so writing them down would really help me see how badly I'm slacking. 

The picture can be found here. I went to the link on Pinterest but it wasn't very helpful, so within a week or so I am going to start my journal and upload a tutorial. 


Another awesome craft idea I found is get two jars and label them "pounds lost" & "pounds to lose" Decorate them however you want and use marbles as your "pounds." Seems easy enough!  In the picture it actually looks like they might have just used glasses. So whatever you use is perfectly fine! I will be making this craft next weekend so kept an eye out on how it turns out! The picture can be found here. 

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