Thursday, March 14, 2013

Trying New Things

So yesterday I decided to try a new workout class at my gym. It was called body sculpting and I loved it!!! Definitely felt my muscles working the whole time and can't wait to go back! It was great because it helps with toning, which is something I'm lacking big time. After body sculpting I waited about an hour before my Zumba class and that was another great workout. My heart rate is always racing at high speeds in those classes and I'm burning so many calories when I go, another big plus!! Well that was my workout for Wednesday now on to what I ate I had a lot of fruit yesterday. Never can go wrong with eating fresh fruit.
What's on the menu?
Breakfast: Greek mango yogurt
Snack: cuties orange and sting cheese
Lunch: Honey ham sandwich on whole wheat with light mayo and spinach with some baby carrots.
Snack: apple with almonds
Dinner: pork chops, corn, mashed potatoes, and cottage cheese with peaches.
Water consumption 75 oz

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