Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Testimonial Thursday // What Motivates & Inspires Me

Hi loves and W E L C O M E to Simply Pure and Beautiful (SP&B) if it's your first time here! 💕 I am so glad you are here with us enjoying this beautiful life God has provided us. Today's topic is weighing heavy on my heart and I thought what a better way to share it with you all here. This blog is part of my life and I've had quite a few hiccups along the way but today's post as you can tell from the title is what motivates and inspires me? 

Well it's this man below. He has shown me what love, and I mean what real love feels like. I have prayed for someone who not only adores me, but for someone who also gives me this magical feeling I thought was only possible in fairy tales.
And the Lord did just that. He brings so much life to our lives and always inspires me to DREAM BIG & never SETTLE. 

I hope all you lovely ladies out there find or have found this and I hope they are putting the biggest smile on your faces every single day. ☺️

So you are probably wondering by this point why am I sharing this today. Well I've learned to start appreciating the time we get to spend with our loved ones when we can. Some big changes happened this week by Jesus taking another job where he is now working second shift 10-12 hour days. Things have been tough this week because we are so use to working together every single day from the day we started dating. Going through this kind of change in our relationship has made me appreciate him so much more and I can't wait until Saturday night when we finally get to see each other. 

So how does he motivate showing support and encouraging me to stick to my goals. Having health and fitness as apart of our lives has allowed me to stay focused even when we don't get to workout together. 

 And by this point I'm babbling on and not even sure what I'm trying to say. All I know is I am so happy you are here and have found the blog! I promise not all my posts are unorganized and not thought out. So if you would love to stick around I will be sure to bring you some great content you'll love to read. 😊

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