Monday, May 14, 2012

My financial plan

Taking on the Total Money Makeover

A couple years ago my cousin sent me a book called "The Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey.

 I can't say I have read it yet, but going into my 3rd year in college with $5,500 in student loans & a car payment I'd figured I should learn the ropes on how to get out of debt now before I create more debt while I'm in college. I hope to learn that I won't need to find myself in anymore debt once I'm debt-free. 
Im ready for this change of habits, because I love to spend money on things I don't need, but come on what girl doesn't. I can gladly say I have zero credit card debt though! Thank GOD or I would be that irresponsible college student who just swipes it for anything and everything. Which I have heard multiple stories from my mom who's colleagues children have done just that. My problem is I have school loans & a car payment that have me in the hole. My car should be paid off in about 6 more months! :) but I need a change! 
Some background about my family!!
This is a very recent picture of me and my family from Christmas in 2012.
My family and I are very close and are very supportive no matter what the situation. My mom is currently battling breast cancer, which she found out in Nov. 2012. My aunt is also battling cancer, but hers is lung cancer which she found out the same time my mom did as well. My mom's medical condition hasn't stopped her. She loves her job and hasn't lost hope through this obstacle in her life. With that our financial times could be better but we make it work. I have learned a lot from my parents and how they manage the money they live off of. They have taught me to be a hard worker and to never pass up an opportunity, which leads me to my current job. 
I work at a local factory that pays a whom-ping $8.50 an hour. It helps in the summers with my retail splurges that is for sure, but working only a few days during the week while I'm in school mostly helps with the gas from my commute. As I started reading the book yesterday I couldn't put it down. Dave is so inspirational to me, because he tells it how it is & lets his readers know about so many topics you might not have really thought about when it comes to money. Im not that far in his book, but I am learning so much already and cant wait to be debt free before I graduate college!!! (Hopefully :) )
I will post more on my total money makeover when I finish the book and share with you how to create your cash envelope system and become debt free.

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