Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cardio Session

In about 45 minutes and I going to be lacing up my nikes and heading to the gym. Tonight's cardio session includes an hours worth of shaking what my momma gave me...aka ZUMBA! This is a great way to burn off calories and the time flies by because it is a great source of fun. Find a great instructor and you are on your way to learning some great moves. 

Yesterday was my rest day, but I felt horrible because I did not make it to the gym. I have been hitting it hard for the last two months with my partner and crime. I am so lucky to have someone who motivates me and pushes me to my limits in the gym. Having a workout partner is always a great way to get the fire burning under your ass to get in shape because you know they are working on the getting the same results you are.

This post was just a little update on myself because I don't post much of what I am up to anymore. Life has got in the way and my blog has suffered from that, but I am working on some new recipes and I hope to have them posted to share! 

Hope you all enjoy your evening and get some sort of exercise in today! 

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