Monday, November 17, 2014

Training for a 5K

Who has ever set their mind to running a 5K? Well I will be the very first to tell you I HATE, double HATE, RUNNING! I always feel like I am a hamster on a wheel going no where when I run, and for that reason I rarely will do it.
The aching in my legs and the deep breathing that happens when I go out for a brisk jog, haunts me. So why I ever signed up to run a 5K on Thanksgiving morning I simply can not grasp it. I actually was thinking about today how I am not ready to run 3.1 miles without stopping, because yes my ass signed up for the actual race where there is cash prizes and everything. This freaks me out because I will be bringing up the rear on this one. My training has not gone the greatest either. I run about once a week and for the past couple of weeks I have psyched myself out to running more than 1.5 miles. I find excuses such as my legs are killing me or I simply can not run anymore I am going to die. Yea I know lame, someone needs to wake me up and say you got this "just keep swimming!" 
We also just had our first snow here in Indiana, so I am thinking the weather is going to be awfully cold Thanksgiving morning. 
This was back during the summer when I was completing Tone It Up's Bikini Series. I was racking up my mileage to either 2 or 3 miles a day, so I just need to get back in the gear of running. I have found that running is not well liked by my body and the more I pushed myself the easier it got for me. Another thing I noticed was my heart rate began decreasing the more I went out for runs as well, so my heart health was improving. This is one thing I really would love to work on and any suggestions or tips would be helpful to this slow ass turtle! :) 

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