Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Workout Wednesday // Time For HIIT

Alright it's the dreaded workout we all hate doing...CARDIO! And to make it even worse its HIIT! I am one to admit I hate doing cardio. I'd rather spend 2 hours in the gym lifting weights then just knocking out 20 minutes of cardio. 

I am bringing you my go to HIIT workout that will only take you 20 minutes to complete and it flies by when you complete it. Do this workout as your morning cardio and it will help boost your metabolism first thing in the morning. This helps keep your body fueling with energy all day long. 

HIIT the Treadmill Workout

Warm up for 2 minutes on speed 3.5 or 4.0

Complete this circuit for 10 rounds

Speed 5.5 for 1 minute
Speed 8 for 30 seconds

Now that is one round! Only 9 more to go! 

Cool down on speed 2.5 or 3 for 3 minutes. 

If you are more advanced at sprinting you can do faster speeds or if you are a beginner try the speeds I've provided and if it is still too hard you can bump it down a few. Try to work your way up to faster speeds each time you complete this workout. 

It's that simple and it gets the job done.
Hope you enjoy and get a good workout with this HIIT routine. 


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