Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fall Favorites // Shopping Haul from Charlotte Russe

Hi loves and happy Thursday! I hope you are all having a wonderful day. If you are anything like me I bet you are so ready for fall and what it brings from the leaves changing beautiful colors, chunky sweaters, combat boots, pumpkin everything, and my all time favorite Hocus Pocus and other Halloween movies! This time of the year is very special to me because it's when me and my best friend/other half started seeing one another. It was a sparatic time in my life where I made some big life changes and I was so happy to have met a kind gentleman who is now the love of my life.  

Since it is starting to feel a little bit more like the seasons are changing around here I decided to treat myself to a shopping haul. I love buying clothes on clearance because I get way more and I can find some pretty good deals. 

Today's post is about my shopping haul  brought to you by Charlotte Russe. I typically can find really cute clothes here and the price tags aren't so bad either. I picked up 9 pieces of clothing and got it all under 70 dollars (which included taxes)! My budget was close to this so I was very excited about this purchase. Typically I will buy a new outfit or piece of clothing about twice a month. It's good to treat yourself once in awhile. The way I go about it is I set myself a goal and if I achieve it I will reward myself with either clothes or another item I've had my eyes on. Since I've been getting back into the gym I decided if I stuck to my meal plans and did my daily yoga I'd buy some cute new fallish clothes. So are you all ready to see what I got 😁

The first item I selected was this cute black dress. 
It was under 10 dollars so I just had to get it. I can pair it with about anything I already have. Some cute boots, heals or even sandles as well as even a nice fall jacket. Oh and we can't forget the accessories! 

Next item was this cute pencil skirt 
This was only 4 dollars! Originally around 15 so I thought that was a pretty good buy. I can't wait to wear this for a night out with my love. Love how it shows off a little leg but not too much. 

I picked up a few of these tanks for 3.99 I ended up getting 3 different colors! πŸ™ˆ

These are great for basics and you can never have enough basics in my book. 

This next item...I don't know why I decided to buy this but heck I figured I'd give it a try. And it was under 3 dollars. 
Definitely not an item I would wear by itself but we will see how I can pair it with what other clothes I already own. 

This next piece of clothing is what I am most excited about. I've always wanted to buy one but didn't think I'd look good in it, so here's to trying new things 
I'm obsessed with this color so I hope I can make it look as good as she can! 

I might be able to pair it with these cute skinny jeans I got as well that were 15 dollars 
I've never owned a pair of white pants in my life, so we will see how this goes. I am one who spills shit all over myself πŸ™ˆ yep I'm that girl! πŸ™‹. 

Okay last piece of clothing I purchased was this mini skirt 
Not sure when and where I'll ever wear this but it was 5 bucks so I figured why not maybe one night I'll be spontaneous and look cute for my man😁. 
Once I start wearing these cute outfits I will definitely share with you all how they look and what I've styled them with. Looking cute doesn't have to be expensive and if you are on a tight budget I would highly recommend giving yourself a shopping treat every now and then. It doesn't have to be much. I got 9 different items that can make about 12 different outfits for under 70 bucks. Just think what  30 dollars could buy you πŸ›. 

Hope you all enjoyed some of my favorite things about fall and my little shopping haul. This was a fun post for me because I love shopping so you can be on the lookout for more cute affordable styles coming to the blog :) 

Have a wonderful day! 



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