Monday, September 12, 2016

Health & Fitness // How Do I Track My Meals & Workouts...

Happy Monday and welcome to Simply Pure and Beautiful if this is your first time here! I hope you enjoy today's post. I am bringing you some insight on how I track my meals and workouts. I also want to take you along with me on how I plan out everything for the week! It really is simple once it becomes apart of your weekly routine. 

I am slowly getting back into my groove again with tracking my meals and workouts, so I thought I would share with you how I do it.  I fell off the wagon back when summer came around. I've tried so hard to start out each week fresh, but by Wednesday I return to old habits or eat too many pumpkin reese's. Oops. 

Okay so here's where we start...
I get ahead start by starting on Saturdays, this is when I plan out my meals, so I can go grocery shopping and spend Sunday's meal prepping. I go by tracking my macros, which are carbs, protein, and fats. Everybody's macros are different considering what your goals are. The macros I am currently using are 165 grams of carbs, 144 grams of protein, 45 grams of fats, and I am keeping my calorie count at 1645 calories. Learning how to count your macros takes some time. I still suck at it to be honest. I love using MyFitnessPal to help see where I am at because it is the most accurate tracker I have found. 

So once you figure out the goal you have for yourself whether it is weightless, muscle gain, or maintaining weight or muscle, you can input your meals you'd like to have for the week in MyFitnessPal. I have to play around with different options to get all my macros in for the day. I eat lots of chicken, veggies, and either rice or sweet potatoes normally, but I also love to add in recipes from my Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. This week I found a yummy fall recipe that I am putting into my meal plan...dun dun dun, Turkey Pumpkin Chili :) I really hope it turns out good. 

After I get all my meals logged into MyFitnessPal I then get out my Happy Planner Fitness Tracker and write in all my meals that way I can physically see them in front of me. It also allows me to put my workouts in for the week as well. It is just something that I find fun and relaxing, so this is how I tend to track everything for the week. I tend to stick to everything that is written down, but there are times when I will switch a meal around here or there. Just do whatever works for you! 

So like I've said before I plan on Saturdays and also get my grocery shopping done this day as well. This leaves Sunday for meal prepping. I prep most of my meats and some of my sides that way it helps me stick to the plan. I find when I plan and prep I am more likely to not skip meals or waste foods versus when I don't plan or prep. I tend to get super busy during the week and will become too lazy to make dinners normally. 

Now for the workout portion of the planner I follow Tone It Ups weekly routines and I also do my own weight training circuits. I like how the girls over at Tone It Up come out with their workout schedule on Sundays, so I can just write them in and then look at what my workout is for the day. Adding in some motivational stickers here and there and wahlaa we are done! 

Like I said once you get the hang of a system you will become more comfortable with it and it will take no time! It just starts becoming apart of your daily life. 

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Comment below pictures of how you like to track your meals for the week :) I'd love to see them trackers! 


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