Monday, June 2, 2014

She's Feeling 22!

It's my 22nd birthday! I am super excited but then again I'm like shit I'm one year older. There really isn't any set plans for this old fart, but last night a group of us went out on the town. It was rather interesting and there were a bunch of  shenanigans that happened.

Me and my friend Trenelle were playing some beer pong and laughing our asses off about the most random stuff. 

Last year my 21st fell on a Sunday so Clay took me out on Saturday at midnight. That was one hell of a roller coaster ride. 

My friend Sammy and her man came out with me and Clay last year and made it one special birthday. 

Made a trip to Indy to see all my girls for the next weekend and it was a blast! 

This girl made my birthday last year! I love my big :)

Shelby made me my 21st paddle. I absolutely loved it!

 This guy made my 21st birthday last year so special. He spoiled me and went all out, took care of me while vomiting, and made sure it was the best 21st birthday I could ever have. 
Unfortunately he couldn't celebrate my 22nd birthday with me because he went on vacation with his dad and brother to our favorite place on earth, Minnesota! I can't wait until he comes home though so we can go out and celebrate :)

Not much occurred today I came home and cleaned my room, slept for a couple of hours and then woke up for work. About an hour before work I felt horrible, so I stayed home tonight. Pretty sure my brother gave me what he had for three days. Not looking forward to this...
I am going to try and get some rest though and hope when I wake up I feel much better. 

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