Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Staying Motivated While On 3rd Shift!

I have been working nights for a little over a month now and I am starting to feel my body become shot and worn out from one the lack of sleep, keeping up on my homework, and working overtime. This schedule is seriously the worst! I have no idea why I loved it last summer....CRAZY. 
I can't wait for my summer classes to end so I can get back on days and into a routine. 
My workouts have been here and there because of how unmotivated I am. So if anyone reading this is working nights and is a health freak like me...this question is for you! How do you stay motivated and set on a schedule? My schedule changes all the time because some days I come home and sleep and others I stay up til noon. When I first started this shift I was working out 7 days a week and eating a super clean diet, but lately I miss my workouts because all I want to do is sleep and I eat maybe two meals a day now. My appetite is super suppressed and I'm never hungry but this obviously is still horrible for my metabolism. I am in such a slump...
Last Friday I managed to get in 2 miles but this was only because I took my advocare slam a couple hours before I got off work and was wired! 
I followed my run with a delicious bowl of yogurt and seeds. 
Other than this meal my others were shitty and not clean. I think I ate a deli sandwich with potatoe chips...
So basically I am sucking! Would love anyone's advice on how to get my butt back in gear and lose this weight Ive been trying to get off this summer. 

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