Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

 Hope you all enjoy today with your family and eat some good food. I am starting a new meal plan and work out routine tomorrow so I am going to enjoy some yummy food today before I start cutting out all the good sheeet. :) 
This morning I kept my breakfast simple with some eggies, cinnamon whole wheat toast, a green apple, & some dunkin donuts chocolate glazed donuts coffee. **HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH**

I had a little snack 2 hours later which consisted of a kiwi & a Jell-O Sugar Free Dark Chocolate pudding cup. It was so good and curved my chocolate craving. Since it's easter and my favorite candy is the Reese's, the eggs are probably my favorite! Although, today I am not giving in so anyone reading this please eat an egg for meeee! :)

This picture was from yesterday before my workout with my best friend. She pushed me to my limits yesterday and I am so glad she did! We did a 3 round circuit of 6 workouts. I wish she would have taken a couple of pictures of what we did, but here is the workout...

Arc Machine for 20 minutes, hill intervals on level 4 resistance at 65. AKA a freaking KILLA!
Round 1
Assisted Pullups-12 reps 
Assisted Dips-12 reps
Air Squats-12 reps
Abs (crunches) for 1 minute as many as you can get. 
Row Machine- 12 reps
Lat Pull Down- 12 reps 
Rest for 1 minute
Repeat 2 more rounds

Try this workout and you will feel it the next day I promise! I took my nighttime recovery from AdvoCare and it worked wonders on my muscles helping them repair throughout my goodnights sleep. If you are an athlete or doing any kind of physical activity this product is something to try! 

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