Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 1!

Today I am feeling AMAZING! Woke up around 6 this morning and mixed together my fiber drink and spark. I had to chug that stuff down because it was nasty! Very pulpy and the texture was just sick, but definitely helps get your GI tract a moving. For breakfast I made oatmeal, but I put way to much almond milk in it and it was just too runny. My morning was not starting off on the right foot. So I grabbed an apple and headed on out for work. Once I got to work my day got a little bit better, because the day just moved right along. It seemed like I was only there for a couple of hours vs the 8 I actually was on the clock. While at work I had my meals 2-4 and here is what they consisted of...
Meal 2 was hard boiled egg with tuna in the middle. I made these like deviled eggs but removed the yolks. The tuna was just stuffed in the middle like you would a deviled egg. It gave me a boost of energy that is for sure!
Meal 3 was lunch! I had a spinach salad with snow peas and cucumbers mixed in. I forgot my dang dressing, so I had to use whatever was in the refrigerator which was fat-free ranch. I just had to settle with it. 
Meal 4 were cucumber slices (a whole cucumber people!) 
I ate all of these meals 2-3 hours apart throughout my day. This kept my energy levels high and metabolism burning as well. I also made sure I was drinking plenty of water today. I had over 10 glasses of water! HOLY CRAP! I was peeing all damn day. 
When I got home I waited until around 5:30 to fix my dinner, and I actually snapped a little picture of what I was making to share with you all.
 I fixed turkey burgers, asparagus, and a sweet potato. This meal was by far the best I have ate in a while. It was mighty tasty I may add as well. 

I made enough to split it up into two separate meals. Of course I ate one tonight and I am going to save the other half for tomorrows lunch. That way when I get home from school I won't have to cook anything. All I will have to do is pop it in the microwave and eat. YAY food!
This is just the beginning of my challenge, but so far so good. I am so ready for the rest of my challenge to run as smoothly as today did. 
I will keep everyone posted!

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