Thursday, October 3, 2013

Getting Back to Being Healthy!

Okay so the last few months I've fallen off the band wagon and have hit a lot of bumps in the road. The temptations got the best of me and I started to slip up more and more until finally I set back in to old habits. What the! I made it my priority for the month of October to purchase my monthly membership from my gym and get my ass back to going at least 3 times a week!! 

A few weeks ago I took this picture and realized I have let myself go... AGAIN! The picture may not look as bad as you'd think but I can notice my clothes feeling tighter in places they weren't. I need to keep myself accountable and on track! That was the overall purpose of my blog to track my progress but life generally got in the way. I'm promising myself and you all that I'm starting this journey not over but simply picking up where I've left off. If your reading this and saying wow this is me don't feel ashamed feel excited because we can tackle this challenge together. I've learned over the past year that it isn't about the numbers on the scale but its about how your feeling and progressing. My advice!! Take lots of pictures because you won't notice changes in yourself in the mirror but pictures will definitely show you your progress. Well here's to getting back to my healthy life! Hope you all join me or simply follow along and encourage me to keep going! 
Happy Friday!! 

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