Friday, February 14, 2014

10 Day Cleanse Results!

Day 10 has come and passed! I know I haven't been posting daily anymore, but I do have great news!! I have lost 6 lbs  and Clay has lost 9 lbs in 10 days! We are both rocking this 24 day challenge!
Our diet plans have been 100% clean, lean, and green plus we are drinking a lot of water. These are what any nutritionist would tell you, you should be doing to lose weight. Just exercising won't get you there. Trust me from experience. I use to eat anything and everything I wanted would play volleyball for 3 hours and stay the same weight throughout the whole season. This was because I never changed my diet and I never ate anything that was remotely healthy. Now it is kicking me in the ass, because I continued to eat this way throughout my years of being in college, but the big difference now is that I am not working out on the volleyball court anymore for 3 hours. 
Okay ramble, ramble, ramble...time to get back on topic...
Here are a few smoothie recipes I have whipped up! 

I don't know the measurements for anything because I just threw some ingredients together so feel free to experiment. This made 2 servings 
Mango chunks 
Vanilla low fat Greek yogurt 
Whey Protein powder
Almond Milk

Hope you enjoy! 

Here is another smoothie recipe I made that helps with weight loss. 

Handful of ice 
Almond Milk 
Whey protein 1 scoop
1 banana
Chia seeds 

This was my meal for breakfast the other day and it was very filling and delicious!  

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