Sunday, February 16, 2014

Yummy Clean Meals with Recipes

Here are just a few of the meals I have whipped up during my 24 day challenge and they have been delicious and have kept me full! 

Breakfast: 5 egg whites 1 whole egg with some mustard. 1/8 piece of grapefruit. (I almost throw up when I eat grapefruit because of the taste, so I'm weening myself to like them) haha we will see how this works out for me.  

Lunch: sliced up some lettuce proabably about 2 cups here. Added some chicken and shredded cheese with a little ranch dressing. 

Dinner: whole wheat spaghetti with ground turkey and mushrooms. Sprinkled a little parm on top. Mmmmmm sooo goood! 

Lunch or dinner: can have it for either meal. Just a salad loaded with veggies and used baslamic vinagrette for my dressing. 

Snacks: I sliced up a whole cucumber and had for my 3 o'clock meal. These are a very filling snack since they have a lot of water in them. And they are declicious! 

Lunch or dinner: I ate this delicious meal for lunch one day when I got off work early. It took no time at all to make and was uh-mazing!! Baked tilapia with Mrs. Dash festa lime, quinoa, and asparagus baked with extra virgin olive oil and Mrs. Dash garlic and herb and onion and herb. 
Definitely a meal to try! 

Enjoy these mouth-watering meals! Leave comments below for your favorite healthy recipes or meals. May feature on lucky person on the blog if there are enough participants :) 

Happy Sunday! 

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