Thursday, October 24, 2013

Healthy Eating

Eating well balanced meals is an essential part of any weight loss program. You can exercise everyday, but if you aren't eating the correct foods it can make the challenge to losing weight harder. I noticed when I was eating 5 small meals a day and getting plenty of water I was dropping more weight than by just exercising and not eating very well. 
My daily schedule is normally very busy with going to classes and traveling back and forth to school, so it is important for me to pack my lunch and plan ahead.
Right when I wake up I drink a glass of Advocare's Spark 
($1 goes to Breast Cancer Research when purchasing the Pink Lemonade). 

Spark was one of the first products I was instantly hooked on when trying out Advocare & now I have my fiance hooked on it as well. He loves drinking it in the morning and has officially replaced coffee and redbulls with this drink. 
Spark is a great product because it gives you that pick me up you may need during any point during the day and it is a very healthy option. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals! 
I LOVE this product & promise YOU will too!
You can get it here
Breakfast for me isn't just a spark, but I normally whip up 4 egg whites & to give them a little flavor add some mustard. I know I know what you all are's actually delicious and mustard only has 5 CALORIES!

Snacks for me are normally unsalted almonds & an apple.
Lunch I try to go with salads. This is one item I don't usually pack because I can't seem to keep my salads cold long enough until lunch time. My campus has some really delicious salads and they are affordable. 

They are super filling as well!
I normally eat around noon so my second snack comes in around 2 and I try to eat either more almonds or a veggie. Cucumbers were definitely a hit for me in the summer because my garden was overflowing with many beautiful cucumbers. 
Dinner time comes around after I workout which is usually after 7. My zumba classes are from 6-7 so I make sure I have dinner ready when I get home. By the time class is over I'm starving! Dinner for me varies. One night this week I had whole wheat penne pasta with spaghetti sauce and a side salad. Was very filling.

Hope you all enjoyed a look at what my day looks like with food! :)


Anonymous said...

I just bought a blender bottle today. I have been dong yoga every morning but eating healthy is definitely important and Im trying to work on it too . Great post !

Shelby Williams said...

Thank you! You will love your blender bottle Cassandre :) I use mine daily.