Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Workout of the Day: SHRED DVD

Holy crap did I get my butt kicked tonight with the workout I chose to do. I have Julian Michael's Shred DVD and I highly recommend it if your looking for a really good workout. I have tried so many workout DVDs and lets be honest I probably do them for a solid week and call it quits. Well not this time, I'm going to stick to this 30 days of shredding fat and gaining & toning muscle. I love the full body system she does and it is extremely effective, at least for me. I like working on certain areas like the legs and arms but to work all your muscles in one workout is even better! 
Just and FYI I just did this workout like 30 mins ago! Definitely needed a nice shower afterwards didn't think I was as sweaty as I was, but was completely wrong. This might be bizarre but I love to sweat! It makes me feel like I actually worked hard throughout any physical activity. 
Tonight for Phi Mu's chapter we had a self defense trainer come in and show us some moves. Now that was super cool!! I learned some moves I can put on my perpetrator and a few tips that I will for sure be using if I ever need too. This was kinda like a workout too because there was punching a hand bag and knee jabbing as well. Never thought in my life I'd take a self defense class but so glad I got the chance! 

All smiles from learning some fun exciting moves!! 

Now that's what we really look like. What a fun night we all had. A big thank you to Circle City Safety for coming and giving us a mini-session! We enjoyed it!! 

What's On Today's Menu:
Breakfast: banana and glass of water
Lunch: chicken Caesar wrap with lettuce, cucumbers, hummus, and a little bit of caesar dressing and a nice glass of water
Dinner: Wisconsin Mac n cheese with chicken and hot sauce. Organic iced tea
Snacks: unsalted almonds with lots of water throughout the day 
Water consumption: 72 oz of H2O

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