Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hope everyone had a marvelous memorial weekend. I know mine was full of celebration. My baby brothers graduation was this weekend so we celebrated that as well as got the family together for a pool party since its been hot here. Along with all this heat our garden has sprouted up and getting big! This was the first year me and my boyfriend have had a garden and we sure did a great job.
Gardens are a great way to save some money at the store as well. Growing your own fresh produce is great because you know where and what is happening to it as well.
Here's is what our garden is starting to look like.

My boyfriend and I have planted a variety of vegetables this year and we did pretty well. Mostly everything came up. We have all kinds of peppers from hot to just green peppers for flavoring. We've also planted cucumbers, squash, beans, onions, spinach, and tomatoes. It's funny because the whole time we planted our garden we were being told we weren't doing things right, but we must have because we have a garden in progress!! :)
We've decided that this will become a tradition of ours and one we can continue when we have children in the near future. We are both excited for the lives we have planned for ourselves. Since he is getting is degree in the arts of culinary a garden is perfect and a money saver. In the long run there won't as many trips to the grocery store for vegetables, since we can go outside and pick them right off the plant. Can't wait for it to continue to get bigger and start eating a lot healthier as well. 

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