Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Workout Wednesday // Chest & Triceps

Happy Wednesday loves!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. I am so excited because I am finally starting to feel like myself again. Feeling more energized and happy with how I'm living each day of the week ☺️. 

This was me after yesterday's workout! I was so sweaty but happy because it was my realization moment of this is the life I want to live. Being comfortable with the decisions I'm making and also the workout I completed released my happy endorphins! 

So let's get to it. Today's workout is the exact workout I completed yesterday so I hope you all enjoy and feel the burn! 

First up...bench press
4 sets of 12 reps. I did 2 warmup sets with the bar of 10 reps just to get my muscles warmed up. Then I threw on some weight and did 4 sets of 12 reps. The last few sets were difficult but I pumped those reps out like a badass. 

*Always have a spotter or someone near you when doing bench or any other exercise where you may need help!* 

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 
4 sets of 15 reps 

Incline Dumbbell Flys 
4 sets of 15 reps 

Tricep Pushdowns on cable machine 
4 sets of 15 reps 

Tricep pullover with Dumbbell 
4 sets of 12 reps 
Use a lying bench and scoot your head all the way to the end so you can comfortably extend the Dumbbell over your head. Feel the stretch almost all the way to the floor then raise dumbbell to your chest. 

Tricep Overhead Extension 
4 sets of 12 reps 
I like to do these while standing up. My triceps were very tight once I got to this exercise so I went with a lighter weight and still got a great burn. 

After this routine I went up and completed 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill. I put on some YouTube videos I've been wanting to catch up on and set the speed to 5.5 and ran my little heart out. This was difficult at first but at the end I was shocked with how well I did during this cardio session. 

When I got home I enjoyed a lovely protein shake. I use Muscle Gain in the flavor chocolate by Advocare. I love that it doesn't take like a protein powder and it goes very well with a glass of milk 😋. Protein shakes work best if you consume them within an hour of any exercise. This helps you recover after your workouts and will help you see muscle growth quicker than without taking any supplemental protein source. If you are not one who likes protein shakes make sure you are eating a meal high in protein when you finish your workout. 
Hope all you lovely weight lifters love this routine. This is my go to when I am on a time crunch in the gym. I can usually finish the lifting part in less than an hour which is awesome! 

Let me know what you think of this exercise in the comments below. 



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