Sunday, August 28, 2016

Plan With Me // Month At A Glance...HELLO SEPTEMBER!

Hi loves! I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday! I've spent part of the day with my love before he went to work and then I have just been planning for a new week ahead. Not only do I have a brand new spread to share with you all today in my Happy Planner, but I also have what the month of September will look like as well. I am so excited to share this with you! I had so much fun planning for this next month, because Jesus & I have some fun things planned such as a wonderful weekend in Chicago! 

We could not be more excited. So let's just get started with the month of September. 
Here are the products I used to create this month's spread as well as the weekly spread I will share here in a bit. 

I used 3 of the sticker books from Me and My Big Ideas, the rose gold basic stickers as well as the rose gold washi tape, and then these travel themed stickers I picked up from Wal-Mart. I am obsessed with how everything turned out! 

Along the side of the planner I put in a sticky note with important dates to remember for the month for when I was filling out my planner. Sometimes I put these in each month and just make lists of what events are coming up. This helps me remember what I have going on for when it's time to fill out the monthly spread. 

The finished product! I am sure I will be adding in more as the month goes on, but for now it's as full as it is going to get! I love just the simplicity of it and how cute it turned out. Besides posting blogs on Sunday's and Wednesday's regularly what else would you all like to see posted on the blog? I am opening up the floor to you all because you are the reason why I am here! I love writing but I want to bring you all content you want to read. I would love to maybe do a DIY or Tutorial every now and then or even something more with beauty. Let me know down in the comments what your interests are. :) 

Now let's take a look at the last week in August and the beginning of September. This is one of my favorite spreads so far in my Happy Planner. It's simple, there is a ton of white space, which I love, and it still looks like a planner. I have noticed a lot of people are not using their planner as a planner, but more of a showcase of how good they can decorate their planner. This to me is fine if you don't use the Happy Planner for planning out your weeks, but my question is where do you actually write things down when you cover the planner with stickers and such? Don't get me wrong I love looking at how beautiful other spreads are and their are some really gorgeous thought out spreads, but I personally don't have the time to take hours to do so.
I guess I am just one who really loves simple and lots of white space so I can still write down things throughout the week if I need to. Plus it isn't something that I have to spend so much time on either. I get everything planned out and then have time to spend my Sunday doing other things. :) 

Up close and personal...notice those smudges of chocolate...ooops haha was going to just cover it with a motivational sticker but then said heck with it because you know what I am sure I will have more smudges or even coffee stains someday in this planner. 
I do take my planner everywhere so it is worn down already and I have only had it for 2 whole months! That is crazy. 

This part of my spread I am very in love with, because it makes me that much more excited about our adventure coming up in less than a week! I have been to Chicago once before, but I am so excited to be going with my love to explore the city with him and try some delicious foods. We are also big shoppers, so we are super excited to buy some new clothes and goods while we are away. 

I hope you all enjoyed this weeks spread and a look at what September will look like for me. I did rant a little in this blog post, sorry for that, but I just had to get that little moment off my chest. I hope all you planner babes out there enjoy these plan with me's and keep coming back every week for what's next. 


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