Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Skincare Routine

Hi loves! Today's blog post is going to be a little different than most. I am one who loves health and fitness but I also practice to have a well-balanced life. Today's post is about how I take care of my skin. Everyday I wake up and use a facial cleanser to wake myself up and two help give my skin a clean, refreshing feeling. I love using Philosophy's purity made simple one-step facial cleanser. It helps deep clean the pores and eliminates makeup build up and also provides natural oil extracts that help condition the skin. I use this daily morning and night. If there is one product out of all the skincare products I use daily I would highly recommend this cleanser. 

After I wash my face I like to use a moisturizer to help keep my skin looking youthful and healthy. I use Philosophy's anti-wrinkle miracle worker for both day and night. They have a day creme and a night creme. Both these products work wonders. I have learned from a very young age that taking care of your skin is highly important. 

I've also learned probably like many of you that taking off our makeup every night is important as well. Caked on makeup will clog pores and make it hard for your skin to breath. Every night I take off my makeup with Neutragena makeup remover wipes. I love how easy they make removing leftover makeup. After I clean off my makeup I use the Philosophy's purity made simple one-step facial cleanser like mentioned before to help lift dirt from the pores. 

Every so often I use a mask or peel and give myself a spa day. I love doing this on Sunday's when I am at home relaxing. For this I use the micro delivery peel in-home vitamin c/ peptide peel from Philosophy as well. This product helps smooth and resurface rough skin and helps minimize the look of fine lines. It also helps brighten and even your skin tone. I like using this product because if I can prevent the signs of aging now I can't imagine how good my skin will look when I am older. 
I only use this system every so often because I have very sensitive skin, and the peel is a little rough on my face. 

This is the majority of the products I tend to use. I switch it up every now and then but I have found these products work best for me. I found out about Philosophy back in 2013 and I've never went back. I would love to hear from you all on what some of your favorite skincare products are and why you love them! 

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