Sunday, August 21, 2016

Plan With Me // August Edition Pt. 2

Hi loves and happy Sunday! I hope you are all enjoying the weekend and getting ready for a wonderful week ahead. 
This week I am bringing you my space where I like to think about the week ahead and gather my thoughts and ideas.
We have a beautiful deck off the back of our house where I love to come out and sit once in awhile and just think. It is very peaceful out here in the country and makes my Sunday mornings very relaxing.
I love bringing my coffee, planner, and laptop out and just getting my work done for the days ahead.

Creating a space where you will enjoy spending your time, whether it is for a few minutes of the day or whether it is for a whole hour is my #1 tip to being able to accomplish a lot on your to-do lists. It also makes it exciting when you do need to get work done etc. 

Now let's just jump into what my weekly schedule looks like. I don't have too many events coming up this week, just working and getting in my daily workouts. 

Each week I like to think of a theme out of all the products I have and stick to the same color scheme. You've probably noticed this in my last two plan with me posts that I stick to a few colors and follow it throughout for the week. 
Just check out all these fun and colorful stickers and washi tape. They are so cute and I love using them in this planner. 

This week is pretty simple. I don't have a whole lot going on and I still have a ton of room if I need to add in little things here and there throughout the week. Overall I love this weeks look. I first started off with the pink washi tape and went from there. It took me a little bit to flip through my different sticker booklets to find the stickers I wanted to use as motivation this week. Overall I love how it turned out! Hope you all enjoy your week ahead and have fun planning it out! 


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