Monday, November 30, 2015

Sunday Recap

Sundays are my favorite for a couple of reasons. I love waking up, popping in my cinnamon roll K-cup, and planning out my weekly events/goals. This has become my routine and I look forward to my Sundays because I LOVE planning! My weeks without a plan are usually messy and I become stressed out, because this tends to make me fall off track with my overall goals.
These are just a few of my past Sunday mornings enjoying my morning cup of coffee. Coffee has become a ritual for me on Sundays, because it is really the only time I drink it. Throughout the week I drink Spark, which is a better option for me because it is sugar free. Whenever I make coffee I add in a splash of almond milk and use a couple packets of Stevia, but other than that I stay away from sugary creamers and refined sugars.
After I sit down with my coffee I get out my journal and make out my weekly checklist. Lists are my go-to when writing out my goals for the week. I make weekly goal checklists and I also find myself making daily to-do lists as well. I love being able to check tasks off my list, because it gives me that feeling of accomplishment. Each item that gets checked off is pushing me closer in the right direction of reaching my goals. As you can see my weekly checklists are not only health and fitness related. I have housework tasks, spiritual and mind goals, lifestyle accomplishments (learning to speak Spanish), and CHRISTMAS reminders as well. All of these tasks make up my day in one way or another so it is nice to see them on there.
I post them up in my room or by my desk where I can see them every day to be reminded of what I need to accomplish. Being able to see your goals right out in front of you will help you stay on track!
Whenever I get myself organized for the week it is usually about the time my local gym opens, so I get ready and I get my workout done for the day. Sundays are ALWAYS leg day and sometimes I throw in cardio depending on how sore I already am. This is another reason why Sundays are my FAVORITE, because working out my legs/booty are the areas I love working out the most. You can ask anyone who knows me that I will chose a grueling leg workout over a chest or arm workout.
What are some of your favorite things to do on Sundays? Let us know in the comments below!

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