Sunday, November 1, 2015

Rain, Rain, Go Away

The day started out super shitty not going to lie, but it started to turn around finally mid-day. To just give you a glimpse of how my morning started I was awaken by lightening that nearly missed my house at 2 in the morning. After all the excitement settled down I finally dosed back off for what seemed like 30 minutes, until my alarm started going off. Woke up, got dressed and ready for work then headed off to my job. The rain had stopped as I left the house, so no need for my rain coat right?! WRONG! So WRONG! You will see why I wished I had my rain coat...

I make a quick trip to the store to get my boyfriend and I chocolate milk and all the had was Nesquick. I am not a fan of this kind but I purchased it anyways and left. My next stop was to hit up the gas station and get our banana nut muffins. While I'm inside I decide to look to see if they had any other kind of chocolate milk, at this point I had just spent 7 dollars on four chocolate milks! 

So I have got my four milks and two muffins and I make my way to work when I have to make a flipping detour because of a mile long train.  As I am a few minutes from work I get a text from my boyfriend saying he needs a ride.  I was already freaking out because I thought I was going to be late because of the train. Now I had to make another detour through town to go pick him up. He then sends me a text saying "f it, I'll go for it" then I proceed to say "dare devil".  From this point I thought he was heading to work like he said, until I get a phone call saying "Come pick me up." So I throw my car in reverse and do some fast and furious moves and cross two lanes of traffic. I seriously don't know what the hell I was thinking. Let me remind you it's raining pretty good at this point! He gets in the car and tells me as he goes to turn on his windshield wipers it makes one pass through then the next time it wipes away the rain all he sees is a tiny wiper. His windshield wiper snapped in two! All I could do is laugh, because we clearly were not having good mornings.

His luck was just about to get worse and so was mine! We make it to work, park, get the milk and muffins, open the doors to step out and it down pours.  Seriously?! Like I'm talking it was slightly raining and as soon as one foot is out the door, BAM let's take another shower! (This is where my raincoat would have been helpful!) I was just shocked that this was happening. Let me also tell you that we happened to park a flipping mile away, so we were doomed. At this point I just said screw it. I wasn't running with my milk and muffins and also to just jump in puddles and get even more soaked. My boyfriend, Jesus (hay-zeus) :) was frustrated at this point. Then he realized he left his glasses in his truck, which was sitting at the Speedway where we left it.

Yep people were starring as we walked in like "omgsh it's really raining huh?" I was so cold and still drenched an hour later. It was almost 8:30, time for our first break, and I told Jesus that I just wanted to go home. He looked at me with the same thought, and he was freaking out that his truck might be towed away. So we decided talked to our boss to let him know the situation, and we are on our way to get him a new wiper. Thankfully there was no more rain at this point!

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