Saturday, June 22, 2013

Commit To It!

When 2013 rolled around many of us decided to make changes to our lives. Personally I made the change to be a healthier me and find a new love for working out and changing my body. I will not lie there have been a lot of struggles along the way where I haven't been fully committed to my new lifestyle change, but I am going to share a few things that have helped me keep my mind on my main focus, which is staying healthy and sticking to it. 
Many people have asked me how do you do it? Well here are some of the answers to those questions.
Q: How to get started?
A: It all began on November 4th, 2012 when I started doing AdvoCare. Being on this product helped me get my mind focusing on the right foods to eat and fuel my body. I focused on one thing at a time so I didn't overwhelm myself. After I figured out the correct foods to be eating at certain times of the day I gradually added in workouts. I looked to Pinterest for many ideas, but I found that I would pin them but not return to them to actually do them. So from there I started going to the gym. For me being in a setting with an instructor or trainer is the best way for me to get my workouts in. I started with Zumba where I went 4 times a week, but I got bored with this class and looked for something else. That is where I fell in love with this class called H.E.A.T. which stands for High Energy Aerobic Training. You can burn 600 calories at a class like this for just 1 hour! I like this class because we do everything from cardio, to weight lifting, and even abdominal workouts. A full body workout for just 1 hour and you feel completely amazing & tired after one of these workouts.

Q: How to keep the momentum going?
A: This is always the challenging part of any exercise/diet plan. I found though if you can stick to a plan for just 10 days it will only get easier from there. Starting out is the hardest part because your not sure what you can eat. What I did was follow the AdvoCare plan and made sure I was on target 90% of the time, and if I wasn't sure if I could have something I simply just didn't eat it. As for getting into shape there were definitely days I woke up and didn't want to go to the gym, but I made myself go. Once I was there I was relieved I had gone! Setting your mind to it really is the key to any success story. Your mind is your biggest enemy or fan when it comes to making changes and sticking to them. Having a positive mindset and saying your going to do it will really keep the momentum going!

Q: What inspires you?
A: Everyone else who is getting amazing results! I can look around and see many of my friends making the changes I did and they are looking fabulous. Find someone to inspire you it will make your journey easier, because when you see someone else succeed your going to want those same results!

Q: What foods do you eat?
A: When losing weight it's important to eat many small meals a day. I eat egg whites, fruit/veggies, salads, chicken, fish, and a few whole grain items. I'm not a great cook so I try to just stick to things I can make, so eggs in the morning or oatmeal, raw fruit and veggies, and mixed salads with cooked/grilled chicken. 

If you have any specific questions you can send them to me at I'd love to answer anything!

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