Monday, March 11, 2013

Zumba...Shake Yo Booty

Oh the joy of getting up to a 6 am alarm on my spring break for work. I was asked many times today why I wasn't in Florida.. Ha my smart ass comes back with something very snappy. I can't afford that I'm a broke college kid that's why my ass is working here. Wasn't a bad days of work though thank goodness. After work though I hit the gym for some Zumba. Ah I love dancing my booty off to some good tunes. My instructor is so fun and up beat with the dances she chooses and the songs she plays, so glad she gives us a nice sweaty workout.  My friend and cousin came with me tonight to class so that was a lot of fun too minus the wacking each others flapping arms and running into one another because we didn't know the dance very well. But to me that's the most fun part about it, you don't have to be the best dancer and know all the moves but as long as your having fun and moving around is really all that matters! I wish I had some post workout pictures because I was looking pretty good afterwards I must say haha. 

Whatcha got cooking?
Breakfast: Advocare meal replacement bar
Snack: apple and 1 oz of almonds
Lunch: rice and baby carrots 
Dinner: tacos! We have been having these a lot lately. 
Snack: sun chips (harvest cheddar) ahh I just couldn't eat one :( 
Water consumption: 85oz of fluids (I so had to pee a gazillion times today, the only downfall of drinking so much water) 

What have you all be doing to change your lifestyle? 

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