Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sisters, Pancakes, & A Date Night All Wrapped Up in ONE

5 am came way to early this morning. I got up extra early this morning, so I could make it to school by 7am to help set up for my sororities Philantrophy event we hosted today. This is the 6th year Phi Mu has held their annual Miracle Breakfast. We make pancakes and sell them to help raise money for Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. We are so lucky to get to work with Riley! Today we raised $1000!!! for the kids! I think that was a job well done for us ladies today.

This girl is one of my best friends in Phi Mu. I am so proud of her for getting into the Nursing School this past semester. I can't wait to join her next fall if I get in! Fingers Crossed!!!
Our Philantrophy chair Shelbi did an awesome job today putting on this event for us & designing our super cute aprons! I can't wait to wear it now when I cook and bake :)

My lovely big sis and I with our letters! I am going to be so sad when she graduates in May. I am going to spoil her though with some lovely Alumni gifts since she hinted hard core at it today. Haha I love this girl more than she will know. I'm going to be lost without her!
My other Katie! I love this girl sooo much. She is one smartie pants and is someone I look up to more than she would even know. Sorry for looking like a boy. Mehh..my hat doesn't quite fit my head right.
Other than having so much fun with my sisters today Clay and I took a little drive around downtown Indianapolis for my Sociology class project. I sat in the passenger seat in my own car for once while he drove me around. I have never realized how beautiful Indy really is since I am always driving and paying attention to the road. My professor mapped out a route he wanted us to follow and observe the different areas that the route had lead us through. My favorite part of the whole drive was going down Meridian Street. There were so many beautiful mansions on this street that I never would have noticed, because I normally don't travel on the street. Even saw the Governor's house! Freaking huge but so beautiful. 
I am so grateful for this guy in my life! He does so much for me and I appreciate every bit of it. After our drive around Indy ended he took me out to dinner at Olive Garden. We haven't been out to eat in so long, so it was nice having a little date with him tonight. He told me that going to dinner was one of his favorite things to do with me, so looks like there will be a lot more date nights in our future together! 
Well as you can see my day was full of activities so I definitely didn't get any workout in today sadly. I might just have to hit the gym extra hard the rest of this week to get my bootay back at it. No more junk food for this girl its back at fruits, veggies, whole grains, and protein for me! 

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