Friday, March 1, 2013

New Blog Series!!!

I have decided that I wanted to start a blog series to help track my progress with the workouts I do. It finally came today!!!

Im so excited to start doing this DVD. I have so many workout DVDs, but I really really want to try this one and stick it out for the full 30 days. Along with sharing my workout journal I wanted to start keeping a journal that I talked about in some previous posts about the foods I eat. When I have some sort of accountability with a journal I will be more likely to get my ass a moving and get motivated. I have been lacking some extreme energy levels lately and it's granted probably staying up til 2am browsing on the Internet for clothes, random shit I dont need, etc., but that's fixable. I have noticed at times I find myself polishing off a whole bag of lays without even realizing it. Sometimes I just can't help myself. Yummmmm. 
 So with that I am starting up a workout series featuring my workout for the day along with a food diary. I am thinking about having links for each workout so you can all follow along. I hope to have my first post to this new series on Monday, so keep and eye out!! I'm really excited to start this because I'm kicking 2013's butt already with my weight loss journey.  Just incase you all need a little inspiration (this is seriously the most embarrassing thing ever) but this before and after is from February 3rd-February 22nd. I have a long ways to go but overall I have lost a total of 13lbs!! I couldn't believe this small transformation.

I am willing to help out anyone to get amazing results and that is why I want to start this series on my blog.
Summer will be here before we know it!! HELLO BIKINI TIME!!
My screensaver I think was taunting me while I was thinking about this blog post, because it kept putting beaches and palm trees in my face. I cant wait for the summer :) Not only is it my favorite time of the year, but my 21st birthday is in JUNE! Holla!!

This one is one of my favorites :) So pretty!

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