Saturday, March 9, 2013

Friday Recap & Saturday's Agenda

Yesterday I took my Teas went okay. Wish I would have done way better, but oh well no changing it now. After my test though I hit up TJMAXX!! One of my favorite stores. I found a cute charging station that I put next to my bed to organize all my cords for my iPhone and iPod. Looks pretty nice on my dresser..must say. I also bought a few pairs of really cute Nike shorts and a sports bra. Never can have enough active wear! Even though I bought active wear I didn't get in my workout yesterday. I plan on getting that in tonight when I get home later. 
Today I have spent all day with Clay and it was a very nice and relaxing day for us both. We woke up around 9 because he had to work, so I laid in bed and watched some Sons of Anarchy. This TV show is so addicting to watch that I watched 3 episodes today! I was so glad when my babe got home though. He took me out to lunch today and we came back home and just cuddled. Cuddling is my favorite thing to do on a lazy day for sure. 

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