Saturday, May 12, 2012

Weight management and the ugly truth.

     Today my brother had his county invite for golf and was that a rough morning. I had to get up around 7:30 this morning and my body is definitly not use to that. It was a nice morning though got some great shots of him playing golf and sure got in my exercise walking the 18 hole course with my parents as well.
   Exercise...not my forte but this is something I have thought about blogging or keeping a journal of my progress for quite some time now so what a great time to start!
      I will be the first to admit that I need to lose weight it has always been an uphill struggle for me. When I graduated high school 3 years ago I wasn't extremely slim but I was probably in the best shape I had been throughout high school and then college came. The first year wasn't bad on me, but this year I found myself having some pretty bad eating habits. I love fruits but ice cream has become my weakness especially the Ben n Jerry's "half-baked" kind. It is so mouth watering and delicious and has become a bit of a problem. A BIG PROB!
     Today I am giving up junk food!! Everything that is on the list will be easy except for ice cream. I mean it is getting close to summer. I know here in Indiana it gets pretty hot and miserable during the summer so a cold treat always helps cool off a little bit. As well as a dip in the pool :).
I would also like the stick to a workout plan. I have multiple fitness games and activities to do its just hard for me to actually stick to it for more than a couple weeks.
     If there are people out there who are having a hard time getting motivated I have found a great app for my iPhone that helps me keep track of the food I consume and the type of exercises I do. This app is MY FITNESS PAL. It's great because you and your friends can help motivate one another and congratulate each other when one is making progress with there weight loss.
     I would love the help and support from my readers to keep me going through this journey as I challenge myself this summer and the rest of my life to get on the healthy track! We all want to feel healthy and beautiful so let's take the challenge together!