Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Workout Wednesday // I'm Bringing Sexy BACK!

Ahhh...it's Wednesday which means it's time for another WORKOUT WEDNESDAY.
Hope you got a clue from the title what today's workout will be. We will be working out our backs, let's give them something to talk about with this amazing back routine. 

This picture is over a year old but it was way back in the beginning when I first started weight training consistently. I haven't taken a progress picture in a long time so maybe that's something I can add onto my to-do lists. I hope that you all enjoy this routine. It isn't loaded with a ton of moves and I've tried to set it up so it flows from one exercise to another. Let's here your feedback on this routine down below in the comments! 

One thing you will notice each week with these new weekly routines is that I love to add in isolation moves. These have helped me build the shape and definition in my muscles. Overtime you'll gain strength as well.

Okay let's get to your workout! 

Bringing Sexy Back Routine

Pull ups 5 sets of 10 on the assistance machine 

45 second rest 

Lat pull downs 4 sets of 12 

45 second rest 

Cable rows 4 sets of 12 

45 second rest 

One arm rows 4 sets of 15 

45 second rest 

Back extensions 4 sets of 15

That's it! This will have you saying wow that's all it took. The thing about weight training is you don't have to do 10-12 different exercises to get results. If you stick to a plan and just increase your strength overtime you will see the results you're looking for.

Don't give up on yourself! 



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