Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Grocery Shopping

This seems to be a hot topic lately & I've decided to share with you all my tips about making my purchases at the grocery store. Groceries can add up very quickly especially when your making healthier purchases or even going organic. I've created a list of things I use when I go grocery shopping. Now remember I am in college so a budget is KEY for me. 

Rule #1: Plan out your meals for the week
I have found that when I plan for the prior week ahead it makes shopping much easier. When I meal plan I turn to Pinterest for healthy eating options and recipes. Most of my meals are pretty simple and most importantly clean.  
This step and the next do take some time when planning. 

Rule #2: Never enter the store without your list. 
Before you head out of the house go through your refrigerator, pantry, cabinets, and freezer to see what food items you really need for your menu that week. This has been a really useful tip for myself because let's face it I love to eat! It helps cut the costs of buying miscellaneous foods that you didn't plan to be eating that week. It also helps because you probably have some of the ingredients already stocked up, so it also helps from buying what you already have. 

Rule #3: Use cash when paying
When you use cash your more likely to stay within your budget. Again being in college has really made me open my eyes on spending and budgeting. I started using the Dave Ramsey method about a year ago and it has really helped me budget. 

Rule #4: Clip coupons
I personally don't do this, but I have seen many people at the store have binders full of coupons. Maybe in the future I will give this a try, but here is a way to lower your grocery bill. 

These are all the useful tips I have come up with for when you are grocery shopping. Hope you found it useful and give it a try. Look out for a more updated version in the future about what my trip to the store looks like :) 
Fruits and veggies coming your way! 

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