Monday, March 18, 2013

Last Weeks Craziness

My week is looking very good I will say. The week was started off in a pretty exciting way on Monday!! My night class got cancelled..Heck ya! Zumba was on my mind the whole day since I normally can't go on Monday nights. It's kind of sad that I would rather workout than go to class ha well not really. Having a night class from 6 pm to 8:40 is not my ideal way of spending my Monday evenings, so I was very excited I got to go to Zumba and shake my booty. On Tuesday's I don't have class so I can relax, do homework, sleep in, etc, all the things that make me want to procrastinate from doing anything school related really, so homework is normally the last thing I want to be doing. I woke up with a little motivation to knock out all my homework for Wednesday ironic. It helped that my boyfriend had to work because oh boy is he distracting. Love him to death but whenever we hang out there's no homework getting done for me!!! We either lay in bed all day like complete bums, watch endless episodes of Sons of Anarchy or Weeds, pig out on junk food, or go for walks in the neighborhood..which isn't really an option right now since the weather is so unpredictable here in the Hoosier state. Even though I spent sometime with him on Tuesday I managed to stay focused on my school work. It probably was the two sugar loaded cups of coffee I had in the morning though..never again will I do that. I felt like complete shit the rest of the day unfortunately. And I was so glad I had this day off from school because we had a crazy gun man on campus Tuesday. I would have been scared shitless if I was there for sure. But any-who...On Wednesday I got up for my 9 am class and got the day started with some eggs for brain food. I drive about an hour to school so I make sure I get up extra early to have breakfast and time to get ready before my hour drive adventure begins. I always pack myself snacks and lunch for school as well because man does it get expensive buying food on campus. Even though I bought a large cup of coffee..yikes. I have a little break between my classes, so I knocked out some more homework in the library with my large cup of coffee. 
I so needed it I was dragging a little bit by the time noon hit, good thing I get done with classes at 4:15 on Wednesdays. Just in time for me to make my 6:30 Zumba class.
Not only was this week nuts with my crazy agenda but I managed to get two workouts in on Thursday. I have never felt any better in my life after going to them though. Pretty sure I burned off 700 calories...woohoo!! On Friday I can't even remember what I did..oops where had my memory gone. Well that was my crazy week (last week) in a nutshell.

Today (Sunday) March 24th we got a crazy snow storm in my Hoosier state. My morning class has been cancelled already so now if all my other classes could just do the same for me I'd be one happy camper! Maybe I can work on some projects I want to put up on the blog such as my cute fitness journal I have been dying to post along with my "pounds lost" "pounds to go" craft. Stay tuned tomorrow because they could be up on the blog if I get a snow day!! Fingers crossed but in the mean time hope everyone is staying safe and warm as this storm hits many states across the nation!
What the hell happened to spring?!

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